Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pathaam Nilayile Theevandi

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Innocent, Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Meera Nandan
Direction : Joshy Mathew
Music : S.P.Venkitesh

Three directors, Dennis Joseph ('Manu Uncle', 'Adharvam' fame), Joshy Mathew ('Nakshatrakkoodaram', 'Oru Kadamkadha Pole' fame) and Jose Thomas ('Saadharam', 'Mattuppetti Machan' fame) join together for a new malayalam venture, named 'Pathaam Nilayile Theevandi'. Here they are having three different roles, Dennis Joseph had written the script, Jose Thomas is the producer and Joshy Mathew has directed the movie. Innocent
comes in the main role. The rising young star, Jayasurya has also acted in it which belongs to the parallel film category.

'Pathaam Nilayile Theevandi' is the story of a railway gang man (Innocent) who has lost his job due to mental problems. He is undergoing treatment. His son (Jayasurya) is an engineering student. The different stages in the life of the father's character in hospital and his interaction with the son through the letters is mainly shown here. His loneliness and the tensions is highlighted here. In the middle, the doctor (Anoop Menon) gives him hope in recovering from the disease. Later the son gets married and as the mental tension caused to their family is happened for different generations, in the climax as expected the son reached the father's situation.

h they had not shown in detail, the mental hospital which forms the background for majority of scenes is not a pleasing one. Communicating the matter through the letters is good, but sometimes it felt like an overdose. The reason for the doctor character escaping in the middle is not shown properly. He also comes in the climax to tell about the father and the cause of the disease in the climax. It can only be helpful for a normal person (including the viewers) to lose their mental balance. Thus the suspense of the father's character has not got the real effect it required. The graphics shots of the train was also not required in the end.

Innocent has performed well. Dennis Joseph, who wrote many action oriented subjects ('New Delhi', 'Rajavinte Makan', 'FIR' etc) in the past, had given a different work here. With his experience, he should have given an extra effort on the script here that can make the viewers sit without restless. Vinod Ilampally is the cinematographer.

'Pathaam Nilayile Theevandi' is a different attempt. But, there is nothing special here to promote it.

Rating : 5.5 / 10



nothing,to promote the film
but still u give more than 50% marks.....!!!

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