Monday, November 23, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Aadhi, Nandha, Sindhu Menon, Sharanya Mohan
Direction : Arivazhagan
Producer : Director Shankar
Music : Thaman

S-Pictures is a successive production banner in tamil; they gave films like 'Kaathal', 'Veyil' and 'Himsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi'. Don't you know that the banner is owned by super hit director in tamil, Shankar ('Shivaji-The Boss', 'Anniyan', 'Indian' fame)? It is also appreciative that many new directors are getting a chance through him and also different creativity are happening in tamil, in such a way. Each films came under this banner had got unique themes. Now their latest project, 'Eeram' is different in its title itself. It is a horror based murder investigation subject. Aadhi ('Mrigam' fame), Nandha ('Punnagai Poove', 'Mounam Pesiyathe' fame) and Sindhu Menon have acted in the lead roles.

The story is mainly based in an apartment which forms the background of majority of scenes. The film begins with a murder happened to one of the prominent characters in the story. The investigation is handled by the ACP (Aadhi). While the case study goes on, a series of murder happens. At the same time, the flash back story of the hero and the heroine is also shown, which gives a lead to the current investigation. In the end, the cause for the murders and the real culprit is revealed.

The excellent presentation of the film is notable. The lighter bluish color grading of the film makes it more serious. Aadhi has got a different appearance compared to his tough look in 'Mrigam'. All the artists have performed well, especially Sindhu Menon. The romantic scenes in the flashback are neatly done. By giving good visuals, Manoj Pramahamsa (former associate to cinematographer Saravanan) had done a good job behind the camera. Music director Thaman (he was one among the gang in the film 'Boys') had given background score matching the mood. There is a scene in the film, where the 'water' from a tap becoming a villain which is good enough to prove the talent of the new director.

'Eeram' is a murder investigation thriller told in a different style. Such a variety of subjects still happens in other languages and are accepted well by their audience.

Rating : 8 / 10

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