Monday, January 18, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Karthi, Parthipan, Rima Sen, Andrea
Director : Selvaraghavan
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar

As a viewer, I was having expectations on the movie 'Aayirathil Oruvan' for some reasons. It is director Selvaraghavan's new project after giving notable films like 'Kathal Kondein', '7G Rainbow Colony' and 'Puthuppettai' and it is the second film for actor Karthi (Surya's brother), after 'Paruthiveeran'. Also the news regarding the unusual theme of the film related to the 12
th century and shooting of the particular film that happened for around three years created the hype. It was heard that a tug of war happened between Selva and his favorite music director Yuvan Shankar Raja at the composing time and G.V.Prakash Kumar came in place of Yuvan, who stepped out of the project.

The film opens when the Govt appoints a team (lead by Rima Sen, Azhagamperumal etc) to find out the missing archeologist (Prathap Pothen). They had got a helper (Karthi) and the daughter (Andrea) also joins the group to find his father. Another aim of this journey was to find out the remainings of the old Chola civilization. The journey started with a group comprising of many members. On the way, they have to face many hazards and difficulties. They were attacked by some unusual creatures in the ocean, they have to fight against the tribal people who lived in the forest, many poisonous snakes attacked them, they
have to face some magical happenings in the desert, they spent days without food or water and in the end when they were able to reach their destination, only a few people (hero and the two heroines) remained in the group.

After this portion, whatever happens here is not convincing and also not understandable to me...

From there the story takes a twist and these people get into the hands of the king (Parthipan) along with his people who were living there. They were taken into captivity. The people in that area is having
an unusual dark looks like the tribal people, they are shown as man-eaters also. They tried to kill them, but for some reasons, they can't (?). The missing archeologist was found in their custody. The army reaches there, a war happens between them and the king's group. In the end, victory is for the army, the king and his remaining people were taken into the custody. They were also killed on the way, some committed suicide.

The end frame has got hero running with a child in his hand, written in the frame as "the journey will be continued...!!!" What does the director mean by that ?

Cinematographer Ramji and Editor Kola Bhaskar had done an excellent job here. Bg score by G.V.Prakash Kumar is also good. Fight master (late) Rambo Rajkumar had also done some serious job here. Prime Focus had also got a bunch of visual effects scenes to do. Karthi had done his character similar to that of 'Paruthiveeran'. Andrea ('Pachaikkili Muthuchiram' fame) and Rima Sen are also good in their roles.

It is sad to see that such an enormous amount of time and a mega budget has been wasted for such a project. A new actor like Karthi also have a long gap after his first film and he also might have faced difficulties in arranging dates for another film, which has been blocked by the director here. It is definitely a different attempt by the script writer - director Selvaraghavan. But if it is not clearly communicating with the audience, then what is the use. The end product which has got a length of almost 3hours, raises a bulk of questions, which I think, no one can answer at this time.

'Aayirathil Oruvan' is one such movie I saw in my life, where I don't understand the story or the sense in the majority of incidents associated with it. I was looking at the watch every minute, to get out of the theater in the second half...

Rating : 3 / 10