Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chance Pe Dance

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D'Souza
Director : Ken Ghosh
Music : Adnan Sami, Sandeep Shirodhkar (bg score)

After the popular film 'Kaminey', that discussed the theme of the underworld people in an unusual way, Shahid Kapoor's new film 'Chance Pe Dance' has got a different subject. Her
e the hero is an ambitious dancer, who struggles to enter the movie field. The heroine is Genelia ('Boyz', 'Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa' fame). The film is directed by Shahid's favorite director, Ken Ghosh. It was through his film, 'Ishq Vishq' that Shahid entered the field, later he was paired with Kareena Kapoor in 'Fida', which was also given by the same director. 'Chance Pe Dance' is produced by Ronnie Screwvala, UTV pictures distributes the film.

The Delhi based hero (Shahid Kapoor) reaches to Mumbai with an intention to act in hindi films. He has got the talent in dancing. He is attending auditions, he meets the heroine (Genelia D'Souza), who works as assistant choreographer in films and gets into an affair with her. For meeting the livelihood, the hero is working as the dance tutor in a school. One day, a director (Mohnish Bhel) agrees him to give the lead role in his new film. Later it is changed and It has not worked out and the director had decided to take the new face through a talent hunt. Hero had got some financial problems and he was forced to leave the rented house. His lover motivates him to participate in the talent hunt. His students winning the dance competition is also shown through a show. In the end, hero wins the talent hunt, becomes an actor. After an year, he is a successful actor and it is a dream come true for him and his lover...

The situations involving the hero's ambition for getting into films, the
heroine's support, his father's disagreement etc has been adapted from the film 'Luck By Chance', acted by Farhan Akthar. But the new film stands no where near that film which was conceived realistically and excellently. 'Chance Pe Dance' is too cinematic on the presentation side. The way in which his students winning the dance title, the way in which the hero himself wins the reality show etc are some of the examples. The climax also happens all on a sudden and director had committed the mistake by showing the natural theme in an un realistic way. Due to this, we don't get sympathy towards the hero's character (with the body language of a muscle man), who is shown as if he is going through the difficult days in his life. The lengthy scenes without dialogues, filled with bg score for showing the dance rehearsals and the preparations etc creates great lagging.

Adnan Sami had given some fast numbers for the dancing. Sandeep Shirodhkar had gi
ven the bg score. Shahid Kapoor had done good and also performed well in the dancing sequences. Genelia did the role in her usual way.

'Chance Pe Dance' does not have any situations which can impress you, other than some fast dance steps by the hero...

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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