Friday, January 29, 2010

Drona 2010

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Thilakan, Manoj K Jayan, Kaniha, Navya Nair
Director : Shaji Kailas

Music : Deepak Dev, Rajamani (bg score)

The new Mammootty film is directed by action hit maker Shaji Kailas. It is after a long gap of around 10 years (after 'Narasimham', 'Valyettan' and 'The Truth') that both of them had joined for
the new venture 'Drona 2010'. The film is scripted by AK Saajan ('Red Chillies', 'Nadhia Kollappetta Raathri' fame) and notable producer M.Mani who is more than 50 films old has produced the film. Ekambaram, who worked for big films like 'De Dana Dun' and 'Kanthasamy' is the cinematographer here. After 'Ee Pattanathil Bhootham', this is yet another double role for Mammootty, which is his first release in this year.

The film starts when Kunjunni (Mammootty), who is involved in construction business, reaches the village to buy a big house in the locality. He disagree with his relatives, who told him not to go after the notorious and haunted house. He had to face some difficulties from the opponent family men (Thilakan, Jayan, Manoj K Jayan etc) also in this matter. He loves a girl (Kaniha) belonging to the village. Anyway in the interval period, Kunjunni is killed. His elder brother Pattazhi Madhavan (Mammootty) reaches the scene with his assistants (Bala, Vijayakumar, Irshad). He is a psychological professor and a vastu expert. He is here to find the truth regarding the killings happened in the house in the past. The villagers says that the spirit of Savithri (Dhanya, 'Thalappavu' fame) is the cause for all those negatives happened there. Anyway in the end, the villain is found out and the hero changes the dark environment and handed over the house to the actual owner.

The story line of 'Drona 2010' is really complex and confusing. The narration regarding the story used in the middle in Aliyar's voice looks too un professional and more over it resembles like a tele-serial promo only. After the first action scene, hero asks the rowdy (Biju Pappan) about his mentor as if he is seeing him for the first time, but the same men are shown fighting in the flash back scene also. The creators has tried to copy films like 'Manichithrathazhu', 'Anandabhadram' and 'Annyan', but the outcome here is too poor. The villain's son who is beaten by the hero in the past is having a long mark over his right eye, the shape changes from one scene to another (the director and the make-up man should be responsible for the continuity problems). Most of the characters speaks in a 'Namboothiri' slang; it becomes irresistible, when the police officer (Devan), who belongs to a different community also speaks the same.

Suraj Venjarammod is a relief and the audience waited for his arrival in the polluted environment, but the comedy used here is not up to the mark. Kaniha,as the village girl is over acting and she is not fit for the character. The song acted by her is also not needed. The theme song for the hero does not have a punch. Mammootty as the drunken person in the introduction scene felt different, but he is not flexible as expected. The hero fights for her lover in the college is an old concept in the 80's. The climax portion also doesn't gave the justification required for all the doubts. The fighting between the human and the spirit, where the former winning is yet another unbelievable area.

AK Sajan's script is too weak and hence direction by Shaji Kailas is also not the best.
Ekambaram's camera work and the cuts by Don Max also can't save the project from sinking down. Rajamani's background score is ok. Art direction by Saloo K George is excellent. Anal Arasu gave some fast action sequences.

If you are experiencing something positive from a project, then it is easy to point out which are all the negatives in it. When it is one after negatives and negatives only, what should we do ? 'Drona 2010' is one such movie...

Rating : 2.5 / 10

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