Monday, January 4, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Johny, Nishanth, Ganeshan, Thamizh, Sandeep, Sanusha
Director : Panneerselvam
Music : Ganesh Raghavendran

After watching around 150 films in 2009, I started my new year journey with a tamil film, 'Renigunta' done by a group of young faces. The trailer of the film created great expectation also. The director of the film, Panneerselvam was an associate to director Linguswamy in films like 'Bheema' and 'Sandaikkozhi'. He has got debutant Sakthi (former associate
to Jeeva) as the camera man. But they have got the support of an excellent technician from the South India in the editor's role. He is none other than Anthony, who did big films like 'Sivaji The Boss', 'Gajini', 'Vaaranam Aayiram', 'Vallavan', 'Kaakka Kaakka' etc. New face Johny (s/o producer S.S.Chakravarthy), comes in the hero role, supported by Nishanth, Ganeshan, Thamizh and Sandeep. Sanusha, who acted as Sobhana's daughter in 'Mambazhakkalam', is the heroine. She also did sister role of heroine Thrisha in 'Bheema', that can be the reason for the director to cast her as he who also worked in the same project.

The story of the film is about the youths who involves in criminal activities. The hero Sakthi (Johny) is being jailed for attacking the person who has killed his parents. There, he met the four member gang, who has been kept in custody as murder convicts. They saves him from the brutal punishme
nts of the police. One day, they all escaped from the custody and before leaving the city they took revenge on the criminal who had killed Sakthi's parents. They traveled in a train to Mumbai and when they saw the police, they get down in the middle at a place named Renigunta in Andhra. They met Bhai, whom they know from the jail days itself; he was involved in under world activities. As per his request they committed a murder and was allowed to live there. In the locality, the hero finds the heroine (Sanusha), a dump girl. He gets in love with her. The local villain was interested in the girl. Knowing this the hero quarreled with him. Her elder sister wants Sakthi to take her to a far away place. His friends also agreed this. Before escaping from the city, as per request from Bhai, they were ready for committing another murder, which could be the last one in the city. Whether they were succeeded in it or what happened to those friends and the lovers were shown in 'Renigunta' in the second half areas.

In the middle, the tempo of the film is lost, when the focus was on the love matters. That ar
ea had created a lagging here and there. The main attraction is the performance of all the new young faces. Johny had done his part well, like wise the young men who did his friend's roles. The short guy Ganeshan is notable because of his body language and also he has succeeded in creating some comedy sequences. The performance of Sanusha as the dump is not the best. Also the song featuring the heroine's sister and the heroes felt dramatic.

The film had got violence in its ultimate. The scenes in which the parents are killed, the revenge scene of the hero & group, their murder episodes in Andhra and the chasing of the police were all excellent examples. Action director Rajasekhar ('Subramanyapuram' fame) had given some rough and realistic works
here. Sakthi's camera work and Anthony's cuts, helped the film a lot with the good support of music director Ganesh Raghavendran, who created the violent mood with his bg score. Panneerselvam, who had made 'Renigunta', inspired from the Mexican film 'City of God', might also enter the list of talented debut directors who reached the industry in the recent period.

'Renigunta' is a film done by many new faces which has got a couple of shocking sequences in the violent background. The film is about a certain section of youths who grows as criminals in the society.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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