Sunday, January 31, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Sharath Kumar, Goundamani, Shriya Sharan

Director : K.S.Ravikumar

Music : Rafi

The film 'Jaggubhai' was in the news recently, as the pirated CDs of the film were available in markets, even a month before its release. Sharath Kumar and his wife Radhik
a, who is also the producer of the film, supported by the whole film industry asked the help of the government. As a result of the police action, some of the culprits were jailed. We always tells about the influence of piracy in affecting the business of a movie after its release, but in the case of 'Jaggubhai', it was un believable, as the pirated CDs got released well before the film got released, it shows the deep roots of the cancer that affected the movie medium in the past decade.

Before doing films like 'Sivaji - T
he Boss' and 'Kuselan', Superstar Rajnikanth was actually planning to do a film for director K.S.Ravikumar with the name 'Jaggubhai'.But due to some reasons, it didn't happened and the director might have taken the name for his new film, probably with a new theme. This is the second time that Sharath Kumar is getting a chance to act in a movie rejected by the Superstar, the previous one being 'Ayya' (director Hari) which was also not originally framed for him.

In the film,
Jagannathan (Sharath Kumar) is an IPS officer. His senior (Vijayakumar) always asked him to get married to a bar dancer (Kiran), who is madly loving him. He always refuses the request as he is still having memories of his lover who is in abroad now. One day, he gets a call from a lawyer in Australia, who asks him to reach there immediately, as his lover got died in an accident. He reaches Australia and came to know about the last wish of his lover. He realizes that he is having a daughter (Shriya Sharan) in his lover and Jagannathan alias Jaggubhai became the care taker of the girl, without revealing his identity. He got the help of his friend (Goundamani), who is working in the police department. He saw the villain gang chasing his daughter always and also came to know that his lover was actually killed. How he safe guard his daughter from the baddies is shown here.

More than 95% of 'Jaggubhai', happens in Australia. Shriya Sharan in the daughter's role is glamorous and also has a freak and flirt attitude in her character. The director has even asked her
to do fashion show rehearsals in front of his father. Goundamani as hero's companion is not flexible, his witty dialogues didn't have an effect here. The villain character is not strong and the new face who did it is not impressive. It look like, the director is still wandering with the hangover of his previous film 'Aadhavan', seeing the climax. Such a scene in the air, featuring the hero, heroine and the villain hanging in the helicopter, is a style of films in the 80's. Songs by the new music director Rafi is not at all up to the mark. RD Rajasekhar is the cinematographer here. Don Max is the editor.

I feel sad for the producer and the team behind 'Jaggubhai'. The issue of piracy was the first blow affected them, next one being the outcome of the movie, which is also not a positive one...

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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