Saturday, January 9, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Nakulan, Poorna, Sampath, Santhanam

Direction : Sakthivel

Music : Dhina

Being introduced as one of the actors in 'Boy', Nakulan (brother of actress Devayani) was having a big gap before acting in a film like 'Kathalil Vizhinthen'. It was a different love story that became popular with the help of the hit song "naakku mukku...", then the actor has done a m
asala film like 'Maasilamani'. Those two films were talk of the town, as they were distributed by the mini screen giant, Sun Pictures who gave a new style of marketing technique. Now Nakulan's latest film, 'Kandhakkottai' directed by debutant Sakthivel has been released, he he has acted opposite Poorna (malayalee girl Shamna Kasim's new name; she was popular through the reality shows and has acted in films like 'Alibhai', 'Flash' etc).

Here the hero Siva (Nakulan) is a person who hates romance,as a result he is shown acting against the lovers. He justifies this by giving the example of his paren
ts who quarells each other for small matters even after having their love marriage. On the other hand, Pooja (Poorna) reaches the city to help his brother getting married to his lover, who happened to be Siva's sister. Though Siva hate the attitude of Pooja in the beginning, they got into an affair as per circumstances. Now he supports love, but he has to face the rich man Annachi (Sampath), who wished to get his son marry Pooja at her home town. How he managed to get success for his love fighting against the villain is showed in second half area.

In the first half, the director had concentrated more on mixing the love and hate episodes for the hero. The second half area is filled with violence. The heroine coming to the city for conducting a love marriage is unbelievable. The revenge scenes are interesting, but the fights done by Supreme Sundar is not the best. The old age make up of Sampath changes from time to time, the new director should have given more attention to it. More over a bulk of duet dances (choreographed by Asok Raja) might be an over doze as hero and heroine repeats themselves in foreign locations. The songs by Dhina ("manmadha rasa...' fame) also felt ordinary only.

Nakulan has done the role in his usual way. Poorna, who looks like Asin in few angles, has done her best. Santhanam created some laughing scenes. Cinematography by Krishnasamy is ok.

No need to expect much from an ordinary film like 'Kandhakkottai', which has got a mix of songs, fight and comedy sequences...

Rating : 6 / 10

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