Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight

Months before while writing the review for an English movie, I quoted the difficulty in conducting the post-mortem of an English subject. Here also I am facing the same problem, but since it is a duty for me now, no choice for a walkover...

‘Dark Knight’ belongs to the series of English movies which tells super hero stories like ‘Superman’, ‘Spiderman’ etc. Here the hero character is the Batman. I think all of us are aware of the Batman stories. Such an episode from the comic book is picturised as such to the celluloid. ‘Dark Knight’ is the sequel for the first version of Batman movie.

This film has got all the ingredients of an entertainer subject which comes usually in Hollywood. Such films will be remembered for a longer time due to the performance of the heroes or the way in which such stories are told, but here the villain of the movie has dominated the hero by his performance through his different appearance and body language. Here the villain character is a Joker. All the time his dressing is like that of a circus clown only.

Like we have seen in most super heroic subjects, here also the Batman in his ‘civil dress’ is silent. He lives with public like an ordinary man. While giving the support for the cops, he is wearing his dark dress, he will be flying in air using his powers and he will be using specialised cars and motorbikes also for his mission.

After few dramatic attacks and chases, in the end the victory is for the Batman. No big surprises are there in the story. Knowing the popularity of the Batman, the director has told the story without much twists and turns, targeting the youths and the children. ‘Dark Knight’, told in around 150mnts feels lengthy, but it is not boring as some regional films do. The cinematography of the film stands excellent.

Usually in a dark night we will feel afraid for an outing without a companion, but here in this ‘Dark Knight’ you will get the support of a Batman, go ahead...

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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