Friday, July 11, 2008


B.Unnikrishnan, who wrote action films like ‘Sivam’, ‘Cover Story’, ‘Tiger’ & ‘Smart City’ has now got the luck to direct super actor Mohanlal. His first venture, ‘Smart City’ as writer –director was not successful. So while going through his career graph and the pre release reports, naturally we will be having doubts about his new latest film also.

Mohanlal plays the role of ‘Madambi’, the rich man in the village. He lives with his mother and younger brother. The hero who is a financier for the villagers is sometimes behaving in a negative manner and in the end as expected he has done all such things for others’ benefit. In the middle we are shown his brother’s love, marriage, discomfort, agony etc.

Rather than concentrating on the usual heroism, this time Mohanlal’s film revolves mostly around the family sentiments and relationships. It is good to see that no romantic scenes between the hero (who is looking old in his body language) and the heroine (Kavya Madhavan) has been created here. The director has avoided such scenes that would have created an uneasiness on the part of crowd.

We cant say ‘Madambi ‘as a fresh subject, it is also an old wine in the new bottle. Ingredients of many films like ‘Kuruppinte Kanakku Pusthakam’, 'Valsalyam', ‘Balettan’ etc has been added here also. Some of the scenes between the villain gangs (Sidhique, Vijayakumar etc) and the hero is seen many times before. Though artists like Jagathi and Innocent are there, no scope for big laughing. Since Suraj Venjarammood is like a ‘pickle for the meals’ now a days, his character is deliberately created and also such sequences lacks depth.

Music director M.Jayachandran has got a good pathos number with Yesudas, his background score also goes well with the mood. Thyagarajan has created some fast action scenes. Here after while discussing B.Unnikrishnan’s biodata , we will see ‘Madambi’ on the top of his list.

‘Madambi’ is not the best one, but in the current scenario of "mollywood", it can be treated as "best from the lot"...

Rating : 3 / 5

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