Monday, July 28, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Recently only we discussed the facts that influence the audience in watching a movie. Now the new English film, ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ has to be referred along with those facts, since it has got two gigantic stars from Asia to project. They are none other than the veteran Jackie Chan and Jet Li. These two Js are coming together for the first time also.

After the entry of these two stars into the Hollywood, only few films have got the story line which is concentrated mainly on their nativity. Here the story happening in the Chinese border. The film is based on an American boy who is fond of martial arts movies and their heroes. The story is shown as a dream of this boy, in which he goes to another world in another century.

The main plot is not new to those who have seen the Hong Kong hit films by Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Most of those entertainers were having a villain who will do all the bad things and in the end it will be the hero who will be victorious after him using the martial skills. Here, we can see a dictator king who is disliked by the people for his ferocious character and in the end the super heroes with a combined attack made an end for his reign.

Even in his 50’s, Jackie Chan is cool and flexible; his character reminds us the role in ‘Drunken Master’. Jet Li is as usual serious and energetic. The director has concentrated on the business aspect of the movie by creating a thrilling fight sequence between the two heroes.

‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ has got excellent visual effects in many scenes. The green background used in the outdoor scenes is attractive. The action scenes are neatly choreographed using the string - removal technology. The director has neatly used the blend of modern age and the mythological aspect. So you cant cornered this film simply saying that it has got the flavour of some old asian action movies.

We should welcome fantasy subjects like ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’, since it guarantees a visual treat and time pass.

Rating : 4 / 5

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