Sunday, July 13, 2008


In the past, I was not so interested in English films compared to our regional films. But I never missed watching eng films by notable actors / directors, also I took effort to watch movies which was referred by others.

Will Smith is playing the (super) hero character in the new Hollywood buzz ‘Hancock’. As most of the Hollywood films releasing here, this is also the story of a super human. Hero has got the potential to do anything he can. Some of the examples like he flies in the air for miles with a truck in one hand, he can stop a full speed train with his body, he throws a bluewhale with his hand to the deep sea, he can even jump up to reach the moon etc is not so easy to digest, but unlike malayalam films we are ready to swallow such entertaining things given by english.

Even with such a potential, Hancock, the drunkard guy was not loved by anyone. Though he has not use the power for his own favour, the kind of destruction and damages caused due to his behaviours has caused disliking in people’s mind and he also became the most wanted guy by the police. As a result nobody was willing to give a good certificate to him. Once when saved his life from an accident a person decides to help Hancock, he wished to change his character. He decided to make him a super hero character like a Spiderman, Batman etc. So as per his instruction, Hancock surrenders and once he is behind the bars gradually the crime rate outside goes high and what happens to him after that is discussed through the plot of ‘Hancock’.

Though most of the time flying, fighting and jumping with the help of computer graphics, Will Smith in the rebel role has done an excellent job. Peter Berg, who has not given notable hits as director ( as far as my knowledge is concerned ) will get an extra boost through this project.

‘Hancock’ has got the visual effects in its ultimate. The writer should have taken little more effort for building the story area in the second half. Anyway there is scope for ‘Hancock’ series like ‘Batman’ or ‘Spiderman’.

If you watch hollywood movies telling superhero stories with extraordinary visual gimmicks, then ‘Hancock’ should also be included in your list.

Rating : 3 / 5

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