Sunday, July 20, 2008


Since last 25years, malayalam cine field is reigned by two big Ms, Mammootty and Mohanlal. But we are not aware of a fact that most of their projects are interdependent based on the themes they are selecting. We can say many examples, 'Kadathanadan Ambadi' came along with 'Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha', After 'Aaraam Thamburan' it was 'Valyattan', 'Mr.Brahmachari' came after 'Chronic Bachelor', 'Keerthichakra' was followed by 'Mission 90 Days'...Some of the films succeeded, some others failed miserably, but both heroes are having a good place still among the malayalee audience.

Like these, the latest one in the list is 'Parunthu' which is released almost the same time as 'Madambi'. Both these films are having the hero's character doing the same role. The film has created a record by releasing in the midnight, the opening show started at 12.01AM in a theatre in malabar area in lieu of the releasing time of 'Madambi' which happened at 3.30AM, a week ago.

Mammootty is doing the negative role of a private financier in 'Parunthu'. In the opening sequence itself, we are shown a family suiciding due to the attitude of the hero. Our hero behaves rudely to each and every one who is lending money from him.
On one such scene, when the borrower failed to give back his money on time, he even asked him to give it in a week using his good looking daughter (?). The hero's antipathy towards his mother who has gone in his childhood days leaving him alone is also shown in a dramatic way.

But as expected, this anti hero takes an U-turn in the
second half, the character is having a drastic change, he became a good man than any other one in the world. When his mother dies, he has done all the rights and rituals. He is saving the suffering families from other financiers through action the end all happy...

We should feel pity that we are getting such an usual story line after another
most of the hero oriented films are like this...this will happen as long as we are not ready to accept films with different subjects / variety treatments.

Majority of the scenes are not easy to digest, the sentimental scenes between the hero and
the servant is one among them. The 'kavadi' dance sequence of the hero is intolerable. The villainism shown in the first half looks artifical since its only a gateway for the hero to become a good man later.Once the show starts, most of the time we will tease ourselves...

To direct a Mammootty film is a luck and an extra credit, but the director of 'Parunthu',
Padmakumar who gave average films like 'Ammakkilikkoodu', 'Vasthavam' and 'Vargam' will be the most unhappiest man if you tells his name along with this film's name.

No words to 'praise' the script writer TA Razak, who is the main culprit in this case.

Its time for our superstars to be choosy in their roles, let them act in one or two films in an year.

I was in a second thought, whether I should waste my time writing review for such films. Since i dont want any of you to hate the (polluted) malayalam movies more...i have committed the crime.

Let this 'Parunthu' flies very high in the air... This ugly bird wont comes near you, so no need for you to go infront of it and be a victim...

Rating : 1 / 5


sms said...

Excellent criticism yaar.

why dont u apply labels to these posts. it will be easier for finding
older posts. try it today.


3 marks for madambi
1 for parunthu!!!

2 marks engilum kodukku asaane !