Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love Story 2050

Different experiments are now a days happening in the hindi film field. Some of them are successful, others not. One such film is 'Love Story 2050', which belong to the latter category.

'Love Story 2050' has got a new hero, Arman Baweja, son of director Harry Baweja,who took films like 'Dilwale', 'Diljale', 'Qayamat' etc. The new hero is having the looks, sound and the body langauage similar to Hrithik Roshan, but as far as the over all performance is concerned, he is no where near the
popular Hrithik. His lady love's role is done by Priyanka Chopra; may be the big success of 'Krish', a Hrithik-Priyanka starrer might have motivated the director to choose her as a heroine.

Till first half the film is based on
hero's character who belong to a rich family. As we seen many times, he is frustrated with his father's attitude who give more importance to money than family values. He met the heroine and gradually they fall in love, in the interval time her life ends after she met with an accident.

Hero's uncle who is a scientist is experimenting on the time machine. He claims that with such a thing, we are able to reach the different periods of future and past, once we enter the year on the monitor. So hero with his uncle and 2 other kids, enter the year - 2050 and the destination - Mumbai, they reach the future period for 30days.

The future Mumbai is created in graphics by the director. We can see all the vehicles flying in the car instead of roads. I dont know whether this thing will happen in the future India. Some of the technologies like 3d laser advertisements is relavant. Also the stage shows happening in the air is not easy to believe. In whole, all such scenes resembles a video game only. Here also the hero comes across a lady who is a performer, she looks similar to that of the current year Priyanka. So as per the hero, this lady is therebirth of current year Priyanka. Hero tries to convince her about this and once he is successful, after some hazards in the middle, they all goes back to the current century with the heroine.

'Love Story 2050' is having an unbelievable story lines and scenes. The future period is not entertainig, also its boaring, So let the year 2050 happen in its course, no need for us to see and hate it through 'Love Story 2050'.

Rating : 2 / 5

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