Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Expectations and interest in watching a film differs from one project to other in certain matters. Sometimes we wish to see films if it is acted by superstars, a super director’s name can also attract crowd to theatres, on some occasions superhit songs and good promos in TV channels will motivate you to see a film in theatres.

Young artists like Narein, Jayasurya, Indrajith, Meera Jasmine, Roma, Samvritha etc coming together in one film and such a big start cast can also attract crowd to theatres, the film is called ‘Minnaminnikkoottam’. Moreover the project is scripted and directed by Kamal, who make dubute in malayalam cine field as director 22 years ago. He has also got the track record for creating youthful successes like ‘Niram’, ‘Nammal’, ‘Swapnakkoodu’ etc.

‘Minnaminnikkoottam’ tells the story of youth working in the IT field. Such a background for telling the story is unusual in the malayalam. Though the story is based on IT people, the writer -director has not discussed any issues or the happenings on the official side. Rather he had choose such a place to discuss the love, disliking, cold war, enimity, affection etc among the people.

Most of the scenes in the film is picturised inside a flat where this gang assembles most of the time in the evenings to discuss their problems. I don’t know whether in a busy IT culture round the clock, there is scope for such frequent gatherings. We can also see Roma's character doing side business. I quoted this since such scenes can create a wrong impression on the audience who doesn’t know much about IT field and all. Also repetetion of breakfast and dinner scenes shows lack in potential of the script.

The film is mainly based on Meera Jasmine who hails from a lower middle class family. She is also the lover of Narein who comes from an upper class. The relationship between these two is the main base in the film. The characterisation of Narein’s family look realistic. On the other side we have Saikumar as heroine’s father. He has done well, but the scenes featuring his friends in the house playing cards with him, cooking etc looks dramatic.

Like her roles in recent Sathyan Anthikkad films, here also Meera Jasmine is dominant most of the time. Narein’s character can cause sympathy. Jayasurya will get the claps for his usual comedy. Indrajith is the matured one among the group in attitude. Roma looks charming in her role, Sreeja who gave voice for her should be remembered at this time. Roma's character has got some flavour of Meera's role in 'Kasthooriman'. In the songs sequences, even in the large group Samvritha's dance steps sometimes look odd and aukward. ( I pointed out the same while writing the review on 'Choclate' also, she should be improved on this area...)

Though not so experienced as script writer, the director Kamal has set the project with emotions in such a way as to target the youths and the families. He has placed the artists in such a way that most of shots contain four to five of them. Manoj Pillai has delivered an excellent and colourful frames with his camera. Bijibal’s songs for Anil Panachooran’s lyrics is apt for the situation.

Dont got for this film expecting to see the story of a real IT hub..., but in whole ‘Minnaminnikkoottam’ is a family feast (especially for ladies)... it is having the ingredients like sugar, salt, chillies spices etc in certain proportions...most of the people likes it...some others dislikes...

Rating : 3 / 5


Haree | ഹരീ said...

Very nice review. It's very similar to reviews available at IndiaGlitz, NowRunning, Sify Movies etc. But, it's not based on hypes. I cant see any 'budhijeevi' syndrome as well. Went through a few of your earlier reviews too and I'm sure, I will be checking this blog more frequently in future. I hope you will continue your good work.

Thank you. :)

നിഷാദ് said...

good work buddy!

haree have mentioned abt u in his blog. From there only I came here..

go on.....

syama said...

after along time,I have seen a good movie.You are so conjus in giving marks.This movie can be given a minimum of 4 marks.
syama chechi

jossy said...

Good yar..... good work