Monday, October 19, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Stariing : Soorya, Murali, Vadivelu, Nayantara, Rahuldev, Sayaji Shinde

Direction : KS Ravikumar

Music : Harris Jayaraj

The popularity of a hero in any language changes, due to which his stardom may increase , it all happens within a matter of time. It is evident in the case of Soorya. Born as the son of yesteryear actor Sivakumar, the young star didn't have much hits to his credit alone, until the release of 'Ghajini'. Later came films like 'Perazhakan' and 'Vaaranam Aayiram' which proved his caliber in acting. The value of the hero is really u
nderstood when an average film like 'Ayan' also became a super hit. In the middle, the fell down of Vijay and Ajith films have helped the young man to rise up. Now his latest film 'Aadhavan' is released with a big opening. Also the dances by the crowd inside the theater shows that Surya has got big fans in our state.

Super hit directo
r KS Ravikumar has directed the film. Those who have not heard this name before should know that he is the director of big films like 'Naattaamai', 'Muthu', 'Avvaishanmukhi', 'Padayappa', 'Thenali', Dasavatharam' etc. Since Sun Pictures is already a big production banner, their rivals in the field had also decided to enter the big screen and thus Udyanithi Stalin, the younger member of Mr.Karunidhi's family has produced the movie. Music is given by the hero's favorite music director Harris Jayaraj. R.Ganesh is the cinematographer and this is another work by editor Donmax in tamil after 'Silambattom'.

The film starts with the introduction of the hero through
a fighting sequence, the title credits gives the maximum boost for his heroism, followed by a song. He works for the Bhai (Sayaji Shinde) gang in Calcutta. He is shown as a professional killer. His latest assignment is to kill a judge (Murali), who is the head of an enquiry commission. Though he tried, his attempt is failed in the first time. Now he is decided to complete the mission within 10days and thus reached the target place. What happens in between these days is what shown through the film 'Aadhavan' which is presented in KS Ravikumar's style with a mix of comedy, romance, songs, dance, action with a couple of suspense elements later.

However, the climax sequences of the film have got the touch of an old masala movie. Also the majority of the scenes happening inside a house, won't give the freshness as expected. The usage of old songs by MGR and the scenes regarding Ramesh Khanna, who is also the story writer won't be easily accepted here. The combination of Vadivelu with Soorya has given many comic situations here and there. I usually love to watch such comedy sequences in tamil. I am doubtful whether an average viewer or a die hard fan of Soorya will accept such situations. The scenes inside the judge's house resembles director's old film with Arjun, 'Kondattam'. Like before, this time also the director appears after the climax scene; here the young producer also accompanies him. That area is too lengthy and it gives us restlessness in the end also. An average malayalee won't have any nostalgic feeling seeing the old actress Sarojadevi in a major role.

Soorya did well in the main role. He has performed well in the songs and some of them are visualized in the style of recent films by the same hero. As usual Nayantara is not confident in dance scenes. This is the last film for malayalam actor, late Murali who comes in a character role. Songs by Harris Jayaraj is not popular like the hero's previous films, which can also affect the project.

The action scenes by Kanal Kannan and Farnz (Australia) is fast. The visuals captured by cameraman Ganesh are colorful. The visual effects done in making the hero looks like a young boy is ok and it is maintained well using cut shots; for such a different effort small negatives in it can be pardoned.

Compared to the very recent films by the hero, 'Aadhavan' is not the best. The tempo created in the beginning is also lost in the second half which affected the outcome of the project; but you can watch it for the rising star Soorya.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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