Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Bharath, Priyamani, Ramyakrishnan
Direction : Suresh Krishna
Music : Deva

An interest in writing a review sometimes depends on the quality of the film also. No need for a suspense, 'Aarumugham' is a very below average film only. Hence a detail description here for such types of films not required. Since I don't want anybody else to be part of the boring ride, i am doing this...

If the actors in the lead roles are not big guns, then the film will be known, based on the director's name. Here Bharath and Priyamani are coming in lead roles; but the director Suresh Krishna is a senior technician in the field who gave superhit films like 'Annamalai' and 'Basha' in the past. Ramykrishnan also comes in a notable role. Music is by Deva.

I am not discussing the story line here. 'Aarumugham' has got the theme that is familiar to us. The director's old hit 'Annamalai' forms the platform for this story. Here also the friendship between a rich and the poor hero (Bharath) is discussed. Rich man's sister is a well known business woman (Ramyakrishnan does this role which has got the shadow of her role in 'Padayappa'). She tried to separate both of them. Thus having lost his belongings, the poor hero is determined to take revenge on the rich family. Through a song he becomes rich and thus he wins the battle in the end.

'Gajendra' (with Vijayakanth), 'Parattai Engirai Azhagusundaram' (with Dhanush) and now 'Aarumugham', the director's films are not doing well in the recent years. We do
n't know why he is going behind the same kind of theme here also. (Don't forget that 'Annamalai' has got superstar's best performance which came in the peak time of his career). Also casting Ramykrishnan in the same type of character as her role in 'Padayappa' or Vijayasanthi's role in 'Mannan', is not a good custom.

Deva gave many good songs in the past especially for this director also. But here, he failed to give at least a good number. Action scenes by Dalapathi Dinesh is also not attractive. The visuals in the song in which the hero remembering his mother is suitable for a film in the 80's; it is horrible to watch it twice in the same film. The concept of a poor becoming a rich through a song is a also very old fashion. The continuity of the hero with the small beard loses here and there. Camera work by Bhoopathy is also ordinary.

'Aarumugham' doesn't have a single positive thing to suggest.

Rating : 2.5 / 10

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