Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swa. Le.

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dilep, Gopika, Jagathi, Innocent, Ganesh Kumar, Asokan

Director : P.Sukumar
Music : Bijibal

The title of the new film by Dileep is different, is it ? We have seen this particular term in newspapers; a journalist or a news reporter who is reporting the news is usually referred as Swa. Le. alias Swantham Lekhakan. This is yet another film in which the cinematographer is becoming a director also. Like the senior cameramen Vincent, Venu,
Santhosh Sivan and Vipin Mohan, now P.Sukumar (actor cum cinematographer) has become a director through 'Swa. Le'. He did camerawork for a wide variety of films like 'Sopanam', 'Azhakiya Ravanan', 'Aaram Thamburan', 'Niram', 'Katha Prayumbol', 'Karutha Pakshikal', Twenty 20' etc. After leaving the field temporarily for her marriage, by this film Gopika has started acting once again. Kalavoor Ravikumar ('Ottayal Pattalam', 'Nammal' fame), who has also worked as a news reporter once, has written the script for this film. Madhu Warrier, actor and the close relative of the hero is the producer here.

The film starts with the voice over by writer / director Ranjith regarding the history of newspaper. The story happens in the year 1990 where our hero (Dileep) is a struggling news reporter who lives with his wife (Gopika), who is expecting a baby within few days. Th
e beginning few scenes showed the competition happening between different newspapers for collecting the news. Then later the story is concentrated mainly on a veteran literary worker (Nedumudi Venu) who is seriously ill and is spending his last days of his life. The famous writer is also the god father of the hero; different reporters waited in the compound of the house, expecting to hear the death news. This lasted for many days and they all becomes restless. At the same time the loneliness of the hero's wife is shown. How, at last an end came to the tension oriented life of the hero is discussed through 'Swa. Le.'

Once yo
u have watched the film, you will get a wrong impression that the news reporters will do anything to get a news. Moreover they might be the only people to suffer in this world for their survival in the olden days. Even if they are having ultimate tensions, they were not ready to leave their job as the employer warns them. The scene in which the press persons trespassing the lonely house in search of a photo is too amateur. Also the scene at hospital in the beginning might have created for fun, but it also looks unprofessional. The scenes at the writer's house is lagging here and there, also the comedy scenes at the tea shop deviates attention from the real story. The kind of end given for the long waiting is unbelievable. Rather than the hero mimicking the tv channel character in the climax, it would have been better if they have discussed a comparative study of the old days with the new in detail.

In the middle of these negatives, the script writer had also given some realities also happening in news paper field. The way in which chief editor's character (Innocent) telling about the death numbers in the boat accident and the luck factor in the cricket match, the interview of the cricketer etc are some examples.

'Swa. Le' is not a true portrait of the press world as the narrator tells in the beginning, it is an exaggerated (unnatural) version filled with un wanted elements here and there; you can watch it in that sense only.

Rating : 6 / 10

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