Monday, October 12, 2009

Malai Malai

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Arun Kumar, Prabhu, Prakash Raj, Vedhika, Kastoori

Direction : A.Venkitesh

Music : Mani Sharma

I will be getting upset sometimes, thinking on the fact that some of the tamil / hindi films are not releasing here on the released date itself. Since we are atleast getting a chance to watch them with in 2 months from its release date, no need to be too desperate. I told this because a few days before, when I accidently heard in a tamil tv channel saying that the film 'Malai Malai' had crossed 50days and it is a hit. (But I am sure that is not the reason for me to watch 'Malai Malai'as I won't miss any film that come
across me).

Arun Kumar, born as the son of senior film stars Vijay Kumar and Manjula has got three sisters also, who also have acted in films. But like their parents, no one had been successful in the
film field. Though he was introduced through the film 'Priyam' which didn't do well almost 12years ago, so far he can't claim the credit of a single project which is a hit, till date. Since the example of Vikram is there, Arun Kumar will be living on such expectations.

Like usual tamil film, here also the film starts with the introduction of hero (Arun Kumar) through an action sequence followed by a song. He sees the heroine (Vedhika - 'Kaalai, 'Muni' fame) in his village and likes her. He wants to arrange a bride for his elder brother (Prabhu), but he is not willing. Hero reaches Chennai in search of his lover, gets a job there. He came across the villain and the circumstances made him to fight with the villain. Later his brother also reached there and joins in the revenge episode.

A.Venkitesh, who gave films like 'Chocla
tei', 'Dhum', 'Bhagavathy', 'Kuthu', 'Ey' etc has directed the film in his style. It is fastly moving once it reached the city area. Though Ganja Karuppu, Santhanam, Mayilsami etc are there, that won't be enough to create good comedy scenes. Manisharma's background score is good for the mood. Hero's fight scenes, composed by Kanal Kannan is fast; but most of the time hero and the fighters flies through the air. The cycle chase by the hero is unnatural and it resembles a scene from an old Jackie Chan film.

A.Venkitesh, who did majority of the films directed by Charan ('Gemini', 'Amarkkalam', 'Parthein Rasithen', 'Vasool Raja MBBS' etc) had done a good work. Arun Kumar has done well; likewise Prabhu. Kastoori comes after a short gap here. Both hero and the heroine had done well in the dance scenes also. Prakash Raj did the role with ease.

'Malai Malai' is an usual tamil film only. If i am promoting it that will be an injustice done to you in between your busy schedules.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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