Saturday, October 24, 2009

Angel John

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mohanlal, Santhanu Bhagyaraj, Lalu Alex, Jagathi, Nithya, Ambika

Direcion : S.L.Puram Jayasurya

Music : Ouseppachan

Malayalam film industry has been ruled by two big Ms for the last three decades. There exists some un noticed coincidences regarding the choosing in the theme of some of the projects by these stars. 'Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha' and 'Kadathanadan Ambadi' released at the same time, 'Aaraam Thamburan' is followed by 'Valyettan', 'Chronic Bachelor and 'Mr. Brahmachari' are identical in their names, the latest films to join these group are 'Ee Pattanathil Bhootham' followed by 'Angel John'. The first one has got the hero coming in a super human character. The "bhootham" who is able to do any thing within a matter of time and is capable of s
atisfying the wishes of his friends. This might have provoked Mohanlal to do almost a similar character. He comes in the role of an "angel" who is also capable of doing similar things. Like the former, he is shown well dressed like a common man (excluding the horns on head).

Max Lab, distribution company owned by the hero had distributed 'Angel John'. It is directed by S.L.Puram Jayasurya. He once associated Fazil and had given a film, 'Speed Track' with Dileep before. Now in his second film he had shown the boldness to cast Mohanlal in a role never like before. It is the heights and limits of superhuman characters. Santhanu ('Chakkarakkatti' fame, son of star couple Bhagyaraj and Poornima) has also acted in a full length role. Camera is handled by Ajayan Vincent, after his thrilling job in 'Bhramaram'. Script is written by debutant Manaf along with the director.

Maradona (Santhanu) is an useless student, who is not caring for his life and his duties. His parents (Lalu Alex, Ambika) are worried about his odd behavior. After being scolded by his father, for his untolerable attitude and bad habits, the "poor" boy decided to suicide. He is being saved by the person who is being introduced as Angel John, an "angel" sent by the God to satisfy the former's wishes. He asks him to choose the wish of normal life or a shorter life with maximum pleasures only. With such an intention the boy asks his wish every day in the form of money, physical strength and what not, anything is possible for the "angel". He is able to appear and disappear within a fraction of seconds according to his wish. Maradona's neighbor girl (Nithya, 'Aakasagopuram', 'Vellathooval' fame), though helps him in his studies, he refuses her company. Anyway in the end, the "angel" helps in molding a good character for the boy within a short period and the parents accepts him. He is being given his life back by the "angel", who leaves to some other place where another suicide happens.

I don't know who is going to be benefited by such a project. The director, being the son of great writer, late S.L.Puram should not have done such a thing. Only advantage by this film is that the hero can count one more to the total number of films for his credit.The fans kept calm for the pre interval scenes of Santhanu, with an expectation to see the superstar later. The problem in speaking the language has affected his performance a lot. By coming in such a character, Mohanlal had made the audience unhappy. The difference in the wig position of the hero is relevant in some scenes. The scenes involving Jagathi, who comes in an unrealistic character is intolerable. Baiju has got some comedy situations to handle. The characterization of the heroine is incomplete (she is being told as a handicapped, but it is not registered). Songs by the national award winner Ouseppachan is below average. The theme given by him in the bg score for the "angel" character is good.

Anyway, I watched the film in the capital city on the last show of the opening day with a 60% attendance only. It shows that the viewers doesn't want such an un natural characterization from their favorite star. There is a situation in the film where heroine's father (Vijayaraghavan), who is a film director, searching for a good story for his next film; this is very relevant in the case of S.L.Puram Jayasurya also, who is responsible for creating such a character. (It is very sad to see that 'Angel John' is inspired from a flop hindi film by Amitabh Bachan and Salman Khan, 'God Thusi Great Ho').

At the theater compound, after watching 'Angel John', some one from the crowd screamed loudly, "who is going to be appeared as an Angel, to refund the ticket charge of this movie...?"

Rating : 4 / 10


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