Monday, October 19, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

Medium : English
Starring : Densel Washington, John Travolta

Direction : Tony Scott

Seeing the posters of a new english film with an unfamiliar name, 'Taking of the Pelham 123', I called upon a friend of mine and asked about it. I have already told you about his potential in giving information regarding the english films. He told about this film, released in the early 70's which carries the theme of a train hijacking, it was a big hit those days and it is now remade with new artists. 'Deja Vu' fame director Tony Scott has re-created the movie.

John Travolta is popular through films like 'Face Off', 'Pulp Fiction', Broken Arrow' etc; but Densel Washington was not so familiar to me compared to the former. Any way hearing the thrilling theme gave me the extra energy to watch the film at any cost. With such an intention I went inside the theater and was sad to see the very less crowd there. The problem in marketing a film won't affect specimens like me, but the majority won't be attracted to theaters because of it. Anyway, no scope for any sentiments once inside the theater, i started watching it.

The film opens with the train scenes followed by the hijacking. The group leader (John Travolta) contacts the guy (Densel Washington) at the controlling section and the demands are given. The New York police takes the case. They are given one hour by the kidnappers for giving the bulk money for the travelers life. Also the kidnappers want the guy at the control room as the mediator. How the travelers are being set freed within the short period of time and what happened to the hijackers is shown here.

No need to describe the caliber the hollywood technicians in handling such a theme and that too for a remake. It is excellently done as expected. The performance of Densel Washington is good. The scene where his honesty and credibility being tested by the kidnappers has got a natural feel and is notable. John Travoltta is different in the negative role with a shaven head and is aggressive also. The way in which the director deals the subject is also notable.

We have seen films like 'Speed' before where a target is fixed already and has to achieve within a matter of time, but here since the target is controlled manually there is every chance for a last minute change, hence this is more thrilling. The cinematography and the editing areas are also top class.

'The Taking of Pelham 123' is an edge of the seat thriller; don't miss it.

Rating : 9 / 10

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Anonymous said...

'The train is called Pelhan 123 becuase it leaves Pelham station at 1:23."

Just watched it yesterday. Denzel Washington is an Oscar award winning actor. The last one I remember is the 'American Gangster' (2007), which is an action movie without much 'action' itself! It was very good too. There was another one with Tom Cruise recently, but didn't watch it so far.