Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jagathi, Indrans, Anoop Chandran, Jayakrishnan, Revathi, Manju Pillai, "Margi" Sathi
Direction : M.P.Sukumaran Nair
Music : Shahbaz Aman

I have decided to watch the film 'Ramaanam', only after a colleague of mine asked me about it last saturuday. I was aware that the film is directed by M.P.Sukumaran Nair ('Kazhakam', 'Aparaahnam', 'Shayanam', 'Drishtantham' fame), but the fact that 'Ramaanam' is inspired from a best literary work by Poonathil Kunjabdulla named "Smarakasilakal", gave me the temptation in watching it.

The story of 'Ramaanam' is about a relegious leader Thangal (Jagathi), who lived in the malabar region. His life, starting from the days of emergency period of mid 1970's till the mid 90's is shown. Though he was born in an orthodox minded community, he was always broadminded enough in his attitude and behaviour. This was relevant in the way in which his daughter and the adopted son was brought up by him. Though he was opposed by his wife in such a kind of proceedings, he has done everything according to his wish and in the right way also. Anyway in the new political situation of the country, everything changes and it is reflected in the society to a grass root level and the life of Thangal is also affected in such a situation.

The portrayal of the leading character is very relevant in the current society. The director had neatly discussed the social issues and the unity existed between the two communities in the older period through the central character. The way in which Thangal's daughter studies and performs the art form in the temple is an example. It is good that the cliche scenes involving the disagreement and the quarreling between the two communities are avoided. Without much outdoor scenes, the period in which the story happening is neatly conveyed to us.

Jagathi has done excellently in such a role. His simplicity in performance is the main attraction here. The wife's role is done by new girl Revathi in the first half and later she comes in the role of her grownup daughter. She has also done well in both the roles. Indrans who comes in the role of "mukhri" is also real
istic. Manju Pillai and Anoop Chandran is also suitable for their respectable characters.

The director failed to keep the tempo of the first half till the end. Hence the second half portions lacks stability here and there. The lengthy scene showing the babri masjid incident is such an example. The way in which any of the character telling some story to another is also a different way of
communication used by the director; but somewhere it looks like it is deliberately done. Within a gap of 10years, the main character role done by Jagathi doesn't have any change in appearance and make up, but the lady character is changed a lot that another artist has done the old age character. In the case of the role done by Indrans; the make up is good, but Anoop Chandran's character didn't have much change here. The performance of the "Margi" Sathi who comes as the wife's character in the second half is not good. The climax area happens all of a sudden.

Cinematography is done by K.G.Jayan. Shahbaz Aman gave the music. Sound mixing by Harikumar went out of control in a lengthy scene showing babri masjid incident.

Films like this belong to the so called parallel films category; It is not acceptable to the majority of the audience, which was evident from the very small attendance in the theater for the particular film last sunday.

Those who want to know how a part of "Smarakasilakal" is visualized in the celluloid, can watch 'Ramaanam'.

Rating : 6 / 10

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