Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Prithviraj, Narein, Jayasurya, Bhavana, Samvritha Sunil

Direction : Joshy

Music : M Jayachandran, Rajamani

In the very late 70's, some new directors came to the malayalam cine field, who later gave many good films in their career. But, now at this point we can't spot out many seniors that belong to those group, who are still giving super hits. Joshy is exceptional case here. Right from his first film ('Tiger Salim', 1978), he had traveled through the action path on the majority of occasions ('Aarathri', 'New Delhi', 'Nairsaab', 'Naduvazhikal', 'Lelam
', 'Pathram', 'Runway', 'Naran' etc). In his first film, he didn't get a chance to cast the superstars; now this 65+ films old director's new film has got the current sensation Prithviraj, supported by promising young stars like Jayasurya and Narein.

The script is written by Sachi-Sethu team ('Choclate' fame). It is produced by Muralidharan. He has given superhits like 'Classmates' and 'Choclate' before. Shaji ('Naran', 'Red chillies' fame) handles the camera.

The name of the film, 'Robinhood' with the biline comment, "prince of thieves" cleaarly indicates the nature of the story. ATM Robbery is the main thing discussed here which is shown in the beginning itself. Hero (Prithviraj) is shown as the culprit here. The bank appoints a private detective (Narein) for finding out the way in which it is done. In the meanwhile, the police officer (Jayasurya) investigates the case. The hero is working as a tutor in a private institution. His student (Samvritha)
, is in love with him. Heroine (Bhavana) is a bank employee. Anyway in the end, the reson for the revenge is revealed (as there is no suspense).

'Robinhood', acted by a group of youthful stars, has been presented by one of the senior director in the industry; this itself is the attraction here. Here you have got songs, action, humor, sentiments, revenge etc which are necessary for a commercial entertainer. Prithviraj is stylish as always. Narein's role is different from his ususal style; here he has got some humor also to do, which he has managed to a certain extend. "Jayasurya in the IPS role", won't be too good to hear, but seeing it I felt that he has not done bad. (He has tried the same kind of role in the film 'Positive' before).

I am not entering into the logic of the robbery discussed in the story. But the script writers should have created a suspense till the end for the story. Since the robbery is shown straight away, only thing to reveal here is the motive; the thrill would have been more on the other way. (this is what top directors like Shankar might have been done in such a postion). But the film is not boring.

M Jayachandran has given some peppy numbers. "Priyanu Maathram..." featuring Prithviraj and Samvritha has been excellently choreographed by Shobi ("karuppana kaiyyale...", "valameenukkum..." fame). Though the tall heroine's body language has every chance to become awkward, it has not been projected due to the different frames used here. While choosing some of the female extra artists for such a good dancing sequence, there should have been extra care given.

Rajamani, "the fastest man in the re-recording field" has given the background sco
re. He has used some English sounds in the bg for the hero's introduction and his proceedings. (I dont think that. it is necessary to create the mood; more over it is noisy also).

Still the malayalam films has not reached an above average level position on the action sequences. The carpets and floor mats for the fighters to jump and dive are clearly vis
ible. Action directors, Aanal Arasu and Palaniraja should have been more vigilant on this by using fast frames. The title credits done in animation is good, but it had got black texts in black bg, which is not readable...(the most experienced man, who is the captain of the ship should be responsible for all such negatives happened also).

'Robinhood' is a watchable movie. It has got a revenge subject done by some youthful stars.

Rating : 7 / 10


Jekre said...

It would be good if you could also rate the technical features like Music/story/screen play etc

kuttu said...

you forget to add twenty 20 in joshy's films....any way nice description....good work....keep it up...