Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Suraj Venjarammood, Innocent, Salim Kumar
Director : Jagadish Chandran
Music : Alex Paul

Film industry, irrespective of the language, usually does not work strictly based on certain principles and written laws. The best example which can substantiate such a fact is that any supporting actor one can become a hero if he has got a decent popularity.It happens, if his luck/time is good. Maybe he might get small hits, but the fact is that such a ph
enomenon called as "stardom", won't stands for ever. Adoor Bhasi, Jagathi, Babu Antony, Kalabhavan Mani etc have done main roles in many projects. We can't question the talent of any of the artists mentioned above; the only problem is that sometimes an unexplainable restlessness may feel. The logic is simple, Adding pickles to the items in a meals will make it more delicious, but we can't tolerate a meals where pickles is the main item...!!!

The latest one to join the group is Suraj Venjarammood. It took more than 20years for Jagathi and almost 10years for Babu Antony to act in hero oriented subjects, but Suraj's entry to such an area with a un
ique slang happened in a very short span of time. The notable thing is that even in the dull period of the industry, such a film has got a distributor to release it without much delay.

'Duplicate' is the story of an ordinary village guy (Suraj Venjarammood). He has got some financial problems also. Due to the irresponsible attitude, his uncle who is also his lover's father, hates him. One day, he came across an accident that happens near their village river. He has saved a rich man's life. It became the turning point in his life. At one stage, he even loses his identity. In between, a quotation gang is also there behind the hero. How he tries to solve his problems in the middle of such confusions is told in a lighter way through the story of 'Duplicate'.

The hero's characterization is made within the limits till interval. It is also good that the director has not given much dialogues for the serious character. Hero has got three songs to perform. Though Suraj is not confident in the dance sequences, he has done well in a different costumes through "kaakka nottam..." song (sung by Jassi Gift for Alexpaul's music). The comedy sequences followed by dialogues sometimes exceeds the limits of slapstick comedy area. Introduction of Salimkumar's character, dog episode with Bheeman Raghu, introduction of the hero, sathyagraha scene etc are examples. Due to the dry presentation, I didn't saw a big laughing atmosphere inside the theater. Anyway in the second half this is yet another example for a film following the 'Seetha Aur Geetha' formula.

The title sequences of the film in computer graphics is colorful. Background score by Alex Paul is ok for the mood. Sadath is the cinematographer. Shani Khader ('Changathippoocha' fame) has written the script.

As I expected, the team behind has not done anything extra ordinary. They had even put the name of the film as 'Duplicate', which may be apt seeing the output. So no need to be desperate.

Rating : 5 / 10

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