Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oru Black & White Kudumbam

Medium : Malayalam
Staring : Kalabhavan Mani, Jayasurya, Bhama, Vinaya Prasad, Suraj Venjarammood
Director : Shaiju Anthikkad
Music : Alex Paul, Kannan

Shaiju-Shaji, the director-duo had splitted after doing their debutant project 'Shakespeare MA Malayalam'. Now Shaiju Anthikkad had independently given the project 'Oru Black & White Kudumbam'. The star cast including Kalabhavan Mani, Jayasurya, Bhama, Vinaya Prasad or the discussion of a different theme like the ego of a blackish father where his wife and son happened to be whites, didn't attracted me.

It is a fact that even in the festival season, the malayalam cine field is dull; but the experienced producer distributor M.Mani, who happend to be the producer (57th film) of the film is the main reason that gave me interest in watchig the movie. The last film given the same producer with K.Madhu-SN Swamy and Jayaram, 'Rahasya Police' didn't do well.

The promotional stills of the film with Kalabhavan Mani highlighted in black and white tone clearly gives us an idea of the story. As expected the film starts with the uneasiness and restlessness shown by the hero's father even at the younger days of the hero. When the hero grows up, he does his own business even after the father blocks him. As cheated by the villain, they lose their money and reached the city to pay the debts. There the hero got the job as a GM of the private company owned by the heroine, where as his father got the driver's job in the same company without revealing their identity. After few days mother reached the same place and stays as a servant. A love track is also developed and in the end after few confusions, they are all happy.

The director himself had written the story and the debutant Pradeep Kavintara had written the script. it seems like they had watched maximum such films where confusions and comedy situations plays a peek role. As the title suggests, there is no such serious situations created, where the hero gets angry. Only thing is that there are some passing comments here and there on the blackish skin tone. Some of the situations happening in the house reminds us of the films like 'Melepparambil Aanveedu', 'Mattuppetti Machan' etc. The main characters including the villain assembles in the same house in the end cannot be taken as an accidental coincidence. Even if the theme is different, there is nothing new in the film, the creators had copied the situations from many films happened before. The situation where hero buys an elephant, the scene where hero's father explains about his son's attitude etc are not created convincingly. Songs comes in unusual situations.

Jibu Jacob handles the camera. Music director Alex Paul might have created "kuppi..." song expecting it to be the talk of the town. But the singer, choreographer and the artists didn't worked hard for a good result.

There are no big factors that can promote an average film like 'Oru Black & White Kudumbam'

Rating : 5 / 10

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