Monday, September 28, 2009


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Salman Khan, Ayisha Takia, Prakshraj
Direction : Prabhudeva
Music : Sajid Wajid, Salim Sulaiman

Hope you know about the versatility of notable south indian choreographer/actor Prabhudeva. Came to the cinefield as a dance assistant to his father, veteran choreographer Sundaram, in the late 80s (through 'Agninakhsatram', Idayam', 'Vetivizha' etc), he has grown through the ages. Later he became independent like his father and then started acting (through 'Kathalan', 'Indu', 'Mr.Romeo' etc). Some of his films were hits, but the majority didn't do well. Anyway he has not left the choreography job in this time. It was evident in songs like "main aisa kyo hoon...", "baba kichi thaa..." etc.

Almost 3 years before, this man has has tried his luck on the di
rection side. His debute telugu project 'Nuvvasthionthe Ninnoduthana'( by Sidharth & Trisha and the original version of 'Something Something Unakkum Enakkum' by Jayam Ravi & Trisha) was a massive hit. Later came 'Pournami with Prabhas & Trisha, which was a periodical subject that got critical acclamation. Then only he has done a project in his own language. They were 'Pokkiri' (remake of telugu hit with the same name bu Mahesh Babu & Ileana, directed by Puri Jagannath) and 'Villu'(remake of Bobby Deol's 'Soldier'). His first film with Vijay was a success, but the second one bombed.

Now, when notable producer in bollywood, Boney Kapoor (brother of Anil Kapoor & bollywood queen Sridevi's husband) decided to remake 'Pokkiri' with Salman Khan, he decided to put the same Prabhudeva on the direction side. Camera is handled by the same Neerav Shah; S.Sriram ('Thanmathra' fame) is also there in his absence. The main attraction will be stunt master Vijayan, who did excellent action scenes in other versions. Music is by Sajid Wajid, background score is by Salim Sulaiman. Ayisha Takia, comes in place of Asin. The most important man to work in all versions is none other than Prakashraj, who has entered bollywood through this film. Thus we are having two big remakes releasing in the same week; One from hindi to tamil ('Unnaippol Oruvan' and the other one, 'Wanted' happened vice versa.

'Wanted' tells the story of underworld gangs. Even the introduction scene of the hero followed by song is shown as it is. It has got short appearances of Anil Kapoor and Govinda along with the director himself. Prakashraj, who plays the don has performed in his style and he even dubbed in his voice. Salman has got a different character when compared to the roles he has done in the recent past. His romance and his combination scenes with the heroine, Ayisha Takia is also notable. Salman has done fast action scenes (credit goes to Vijayan).

The songs are not good. Being a choreographer also, the director should have been more careful while selecting and approving songs (if he got a voice in it !). The new face comedian who comes in place of Vadivelu has not performed well. Thus the friendship scenes and the comedy areas cannot be compared with the original versions. We have to wait and see whether bollywood welcome more subjects from south as it happened for 'Gajini'.

'Wanted' has got a different action role by Salman Khan. This film is not a big thing when bollywood is considered; but if you have not seen the original versions, then you can try this once.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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