Friday, September 25, 2009

Shudharil Shudhan

Medium : Malayalam

Starring : Indrans, Mukesh, Kalabhavan Mani, Lakshmi Sharma

Direction : Jayaraj

In the last festival season, no big films were released. Maybe this is the first time that we can't spot out a film acted by Mohanlal/Mammootty/Sureshgopi/Dileep/Prithviraj. This gave the strength for small films done by Js (Jayaram, Jagadeesh, Jayasurya) to try their luck. 'Shudharil Shudhan' is also one among them, but you will be surprised to know that the film has got Indrans in the lead role supported by Mukesh, Kalabhavan Mani, Lakshmi Sharma etc.

The film shows the life of a lower middleclass man (Indrans) who is a real left activist also.
He lives with his wife (Lakshmi Sharma, 'Palungu' fame) and children in the highrange village. He spent his life through the days of hunger and thirst. The village has got a trade union leader, a factory owner, a police man who involves in illegal activities.

Anyway without much happenings, by showing the poverty of the hero the film reached
the interval. After that may be somebody reaches there to help the hero, he may be lucky enough to get a good life in the end after few hazards. The reason why I quoted this like a prediction lies in the fact that I have not watched the film completely. 'Shudharil Shudhan' is the first film in my life, where I had left the theater even before the interval happens.

The film doesn't have a good story or a good scenes, intolerable performance from some amateur artists is there, non pleasing location and its this negatives are many. This forced me to leave the show. It is not a good custom to review a film without watching it fully. But, I was not wrong, the film had left the theatres even before completion of its first week of its release.

What I have seen so far in 'Shudharil Shudhan' is not appealing, with my experience I feel that the rest of the movie will follow the same pattern.

Rating : 2 / 10

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