Monday, September 28, 2009


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Pasupathi, Sureshgopi, Mukesh, Jayasurya, Meera Vasudev, Samvritha Sunil
Direction : MA Nishad
Music : M Jayachandran, Rajamani

Though director MA Nishad has given socio-relevant subjects like 'Pakal' (issue of farmers), 'Nagaram' (issue of wastage dumbing) and 'Aayudham' (issue of terrorism), he has not got a big success so far. He came to the field as a producer ('Dreams' and 'Oraal Mathram'). Now his latest film has got a big star cast like Sureshgopi, Pasupathi, Mukesh, Jayasurya, Meera Vasudev, Samvritha Sunil, Rekha etc. Script is by Cherian Kalpakavadi. His previous projects like 'Banaras' and 'Bharya Swantham Suhruthu' didn't do well; but he has got films like 'Lal Salam', 'Ulladakkam' etc in his credits)

To give a promotional campaign for the film is the liberty of the creators. It will be good if we are getting a vague idea regarding the project that we are going to watch. I am telling this since i happened to see the video promo of the particular film in the television. The story was crystal clear from the visuals; what all are happening from the beginning to the end is evident there. Such a practice is not good, the director should have been more careful while cutting the promos. (I dont know whether this thing is unique in my case with the experience!).

The film has got the story of a honest bank manager (Pasupathi, 'Virumandi', 'Veyil' fame), who is transferred to Kerala. Born in tamilnadu, he came here with his malayalee wife (Meera Vasudev) and daughter (Dhanya, 'Thalappavu', 'Red Chillies' fame). He happened to meet the richest family (played by Thilakan, Asokan, Jayasurya etc) in the town. Though dreamed about his daughter's future, he has to undergo certain problems and tragedies in his life. At one stage he is being jailed. An advocate (Sureshgopi), a police officer (Mukesh) and a journalist (Samvritha Sunil) holds the key in the life of the tamilian. As expected, the real culprit is caught in the climax and the manager is freed.

There is nothing new in the story. As I told earlier, it all happened as I expected. Like the trailer, here also you don't have too much surprises or confusions. The villain is in front of us from the beginning and the enquiry moves through the right path till the end, the climax is also an anticipated one. But the director has tried his best to include maximum family scenes, which he thinks as a crowd pulling area. The combination dialogues between Sureshgopi and Samvritha sometimes felt dramatic. Pasupathi did well asusual, but he struggles sometimes due to the difficulty in language. Jayasurya's character reminds us of his role in 'Kangaroo'.

Shankar Mahadevan sings once again for M.Jayachandran after 'Madambi'. In his 70th age, the legendary singer of south india has also given a pathos number. Rajamani's background score is once again noisy. Editor Samjith ('Red Chillies' fame) gave some fast cuts here and there. Sanjeev Shankar is the cameraman who gave colorful visuals.

'Vairam' is not a boring one, but this investigation subject is not a thrilling one also as you expects...

Rating : 6 / 10

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