Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Gun Murugan

Medium : English (partly tamil)
Starring : Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Nasser, Vinay Pathak, Raju Sundaram, Rambha
Director : Shashank Ghosh
Music : Daniel George, Raghu Dixit

In Hollywood, there exists a trend where a film has got a theme and situations similar to a hit film, but the presentation of the particular film won’t be serious, its intention is to make fun of the original one. The creators will manipulate the scenes according to their wish and those serious scenes we have witnessed will be re-created in a funny way to generate laughter. There are many examples for this; ’Space Balls’ is based on the popular film ‘Star Wars’, ‘Super Hero Movie’ has got lighter scenes targeting Batman, Spiderman etc and ‘Epic Movie’ targeted subjects like ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. The latest film produced in our country, ‘Quick Gun Murugan’ also comes in the same genre. Here the new film targets the action masalas from south india in the olden days. Though the film is in English, it has got Tamil dialogues in many areas with English subtitles. The film is directed by Shashank Ghosh. Rajesh Devraj had written the screenplay. RA Krishna is the cinematographer.

Quick Gun Murugun (Dr.Rajendra Prasad) is a cow boy like character. In the opening scene itself he dies and reaches the yama loga. There Chitragupt (Vinay Pathak) gives him a rebirth and thus he reached Mumbai later. The villain (Nasser) runs the hotel business. He fights with the hero (who is also a preacher of vegetarianism), for the dosa recipe. At the same time, hero’s family is also shown where his elder brother is an expert shooter. Hero has got a locket where his wife’s (Anu Menon) photo is pasted. Hero’s romance with the bar dancer (Rambha) is shown in the second half. The hero uses his weapon (gun) to kill his enemies in the end.

Majority of the scenes felt like we are watching an old film in the 80’s. The action area mainly contains the bullet firing where maximum visual effects and graphics scenes are used. The performance of the hero character is extra ordinary. His costumes are also notable. Dr Rajendra Prasad who is a well known telugu actor has given his best here. The dialogue delivery also felt different. The background music of the film is also suited well. The romantic song and its choreography is good.

Other than using more gun shots, the creators should have concentrated on the fighting areas also which was highlighted more in old films. The scenes where the hell is shown (written ministry of death), felt amateur. Sometimes the reason for the enmity between hero and villain felt stupid. In whole, the attempt should be appreciated but the creators should have covered more areas to make the project excellent, which they have not done here.

‘Quick Gun Murugan’ is a different approach; you can enjoy it, if you take it in the right spirit only.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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