Thursday, September 17, 2009

A review on Kerala State Film Awards – 2008

When the state awards for the year 2008 were announced, a friend of mine requested me to write my comments on it. I told him the fact that the best screenplay and the best director awards were given to the same movie which was not yet released at that time. So without watching all the films, there is a practical difficulty in the proposed task. As every year, this time also, the controversies happened after the announcement. We have seen arguments going on between TV Chandran and Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Since I have seen all the films now, here is an attempt to give my comments on the awards.

Best Film : ‘Oru Pennum Randaanum’

I truly agree with TV Chandran’s comment that ‘Oru Pennum Randaanum’ looks like a tele-serial. The big screen medium is not necessary to tell those stories. Thus, my choice is ‘Bhoomi Malayalam’ or ‘Thirakkadha’. In both the case, the treatment is different.

Best Director : Adoor Gopalakrishnan (‘Oru Pennum Randaanum’)

Adoor has followed his usual style in the film. It is not good enough to get an award, but TV Chandran’s approach in ‘Bhoomi Malayalam’ and Madhupal’s attempt in ‘Thalappavu’ will get more marks if compared.

Best Actor : Lal (‘Thalappavu’)

With a different make up, Lal has done well in a character told through the ages. Mohanlal’s performance in ‘Pakal Nakshatrangal’ and ‘Akasha Gopuram’ were also good.

Best Actress : Priyanka (‘Vilapangalkkappuram’)

Priyanka has done well. Priyamani’s performance in the post interval session of ‘Thirakkadha’ was also a challenging one.

Second Best Film : ‘Bhoomi Malayalam

I think, ‘Bhoomi Malalyalam' should be the best film. ‘Pakal Nakshathrangal’ or ‘Thalappavu’ will be the better choice for second best.

Second Best Actor : Anoop Menon (‘Thirakkadha’)

As a new comer, this award might encourage him to give his best in future. There is also no big competition in this case.

Second Best Actress : Praveena (‘Oru Pennum Randaanum’)

She was natural; but Priyamani (‘Thirakkadha’), Sukumari (‘Mizhikal Sakshi’) and Meera Jasmin (‘Calcutta News’) have also done well.

Best script : Adoor Gopalakrishnan (‘Oru Pennum Randaanum’)

It is difficult to agree with this, since TV Chandran (‘Bhoomi Malayalam’), Ranjith (‘Thirakkadha’), Anoop Menon (‘Pakal Nakshathrangal’) and Babu Janardhanan (‘Thalappavu’) is there as front runners. Udaykrishna-Sibi K Thomas (‘Twenty 20’) also needs special mention for such an unusual attempt.

Best popular film : ‘Innathe Chinthavishayam’

We don’t know the criteria for giving award in this category. Though a social issue is discussed in ‘Innathe Chinthavishayam’, the popularity of ‘Twenty 20’ was more when compared with it.

Best Lyrics : ONV (‘Gulmohar’)

Every time when ONV takes the pen, he goes away with that year’s award, it is a phenomenon which can’t be questioned.

Best Music : M Jayachandran (‘Madambi’)

The film that has got good pathos, fast and romantic numbers, gave him the eligibility to bag the award. Johnson also did well in ‘Gulmohar’.

Best Male Singer : Sankar Mahadevan (“kalyanakkacheri…” song)

Maybe his voice is different, but I can’t accept it, since Yesudas gave the sad feel required for “amma mazhakkarinu...” song in his style.

Best Female Singer : Manjari (‘Vilapangalkkappuram’)

It is very difficult to judge this since it is given to a non popular song.

Best Cinematography : MJ Radhakrishnan (‘Thirakkadha’ and ‘Gulmohar’)

MJ Radhakrishnan is notable as the camera man for the majority of parallel films. He deserves it and will be unanimously accepted. S Kumar (‘Calcutta News’) and ‘Santhosh Thundiyil (‘Akasha Gopuram’) also did justice to their works.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I totally agree with your comments on Oru Pennum etc. Just a tiny correction on the second best film - it was not Vilaapangalkappuram, rather it was Bhoomimalayalam that won it. Cheers!