Friday, September 25, 2009

Unnaippol Oruvan

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Kamalhassan, Mohanlal, Lakshmi
Direction : Chakri Toleti
Music : Shruthihassan

We have got only few examples where remake subjects came excellent when compared to the original ones. The best example is Kamalhassan's 'Kuruthippunal' directed by PC Sreeram which is inspired from hindi film 'Drohkaal', directed by Govind Nihlani starring Ompuri, Nasrudeen Shah ans Ashish Vidyarthi. Now the uiniversal hero had produced another remake in tamil. This time his latest project 'Unnaippol Oruvan' is a carbon copy of 'A Wednesday' acted by Nasrudeen Shah and Anupam Kher. The most important thing as far as
the new version is considered is that the two legendary actors from south india, Kamalhassan (in place of Nasrudeen Shah) and Mohanlal (in place of Anupam Kher) comes together for the first time here.

Those who have gone through my reviews on 'A Wednesday' clearly knows about the value of the project. The extra ordinary performances of the main charectors there, gave me a doubt feeling when the star cast for the remake film was announced. Among them Mohanlal's role of the police commissioner was a question mark, since Anupan Kher had given his career best performance there. The original version has not been released in our state, hence it gives me pleasure to see that we are getting atleast a chance to watch the remake version. Since the story is extraordinary, when it comes through the hands of two well known performers, it is also an added advantage.

As before, i am not going to discuss the story here also.Only thing I can say that the film discusses the issue of terrorism faced by the country these days. There is no big locations covered to te
ll the story, the main one being the top of an under construction building where the hero lies and other one being the police head quarters where the other main character is shown most of the time.

Comparing the two versions will give us an opportunity to find more and more negatives in the remake version. Nasrudeen Shah was old, pleasing and lovable as the character
demanded. Though Kamalhassan has done well, his looks in the black beard has got a pinch of small heroism sometimes, which is not suited for the story. As expected, Mohanlal is not a good choice. He is silent and shy rather than aggressive and commanding. (Prakashraj, Nana Patekar or even Mammootty would have been a better choice here). Like this, all the artists were properly placed and have delivered their best in the old one.

The new director, Chakri Toleti has copied all the scenes as it is and tried hard to make a 120mnts movie out of a 90mnts one, which ended in creating a lagging effect. Manoj Soni, the cinematographer had done his job well. On the music side you have got hero's daughter,Shruthihassan. Her background score also never stands near the original version by Sanjay Chowdhary.

'Unnaippol Oruvan' is an excellent film. It will be a visual treat if you have not seen 'A Wednesday' before.

(...but don't forget get a dvd to check the potential of the original hindi version, later...)

Rating : 8 / 10

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