Friday, September 25, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Cheran, Padmapriya
Direction : Cheran
Music : Sabesh-Murali

We have already discussed the caliber of the director turned actor Cheran through the review of
'Raman Thediya Seethai'. It is a known fact that since the top heroes in the industry were not willing to give a green signal for his 'Autograph', he decided to put the makeup. Though he has not got a cinematic face, the nature of roles taken by him, gave the potential to become the character easily. Now his latest project 'Pokkisham' is a love story happened in 1970. It is scripted and directed by the hero himself.

The film starts in the current period; here the lower guy (new face) got some letters written by his father (Cheran) to his lover (Padmapriya) in the olden days and their replies. His wife has kept all those letters as "Pokkisham" (valuable things). When the young man reads the letter one by one, the story starts. The hero works as a naval officer in Calcutta. When he reached his native, he sees the heroine at the hospital where his father is admitted. Their relationship developed and later they both gets into a love affair. Since both of them belonged to different castes, disagreement arrives. They both get in touch through the latters. Later she is being evacuated, whether they are succeeded in their love and what will be his son does with those letters he got is what discussed later.

The real loveof the hero and heroine is shown by the letters send between them. The behaviour of the members in the heroine's family looks natural. The visuals are colorful and the unique backdrops shown for the heroine needs special mention (Cinematographer by Rajesh Yadhav). Background score by Sabesh-Murali matches the mood, but their songs are average only. The art work for the period shown 30years before in Chennai and Calcutta are excellent. The makeup for Padmapriya in the end portion is also notable. Cheran and Padmapriya along with all the other artists have done their roles well.

The script writer should have concentrated more on the blending of the current and ancient periods and their peculiarities. Reading love letters, through which the relationship is expressed is an overdoze. A different climax and the inclusion of memorable songs should have also given a positive result for the project.

'Pokkisham' is not a bad film. It can haunt sometimes, if you have experienced real love / love failures

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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