Friday, September 4, 2009

G.I.Joe: the Rise of Cobra

Medium : English
Starring : Channing Tattum, Marlon Wayannas
Director : Steven Sommers

I have heard the names of the brands that are manufacturing costly toys items; “G.I.Joe” was one such name. Later when the video games became popular, this name also becomes notable. But the reality is that I was not at all attracted to this name so far, since my interests towards either of the items of the above groups were very bare minimum. Now, in my 30’s my madness of films forced me to watch the new Hollywood film, ‘G.I.Joe: the Rise of Cobra’.

I have discussed many times, the difficulty in reviewing English films. But, sometimes I feel that it is not as tough as it seems to be. The reason is that we are not getting many classic films here. The majority of releases being action films make the job easy. Such films which got the visual effects and CG scenes at its maximum won’t give us a chance to think about the story and the logic side of the subject. Hence here also, my job is easy.

‘G.I.Joe: the Rise of Cobra’ starts with an experiment in which a nuclear weapon successfully developed by the scientists. While transporting it, the villain reached there and steals it by killing the soldiers and taking the leader in captivity. The army at the same time develops the super powers “G.I.Joe”, which are capable to recover the reactor. How this force completes their mission, when the villains try to misuse the weapon is the plot that is discussed here by Steven Sommers (director of films like ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Deep Rising’ and ‘Mummy’). Since the girl in the villain gang happens to be the ex-lover of the army personal, a love story is also shown in parallel.

As subjects like this demand, here also you are having visual effects at its extreme. The army (G.I.Joe team) chasing the villain through the roads of New York is the best example. It reminds us of the thrilling scene in ‘Matrix Reloaded’, where chasing between vehicles are shown, here the difference is that the villains are being chased by vehicles and human beings (G.I.Joe) who can run faster than a speedy car. Unusually, the director had used many flash back scenes to tell the story, which I think is an inspiration from the Indian films. The notable invention in the modern world, virtual reality, has been used in many areas never as before which are attractive.

‘G.I.Joe: the Rise of Cobra’ is a time pass for those who watch Hollywood movies.

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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