Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whats Your Rashee

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra

Direction : Ashuthosh Gowariker

Music : Sohail Sen

The post 2000 period, saw the rise of many new talented directors in the bollywood. One of the promising name in the group is Ashuthosh Gowarikar. He had given big films like 'Lagaan', 'Swadesh' and 'Jodha Akbar'. Now he has come up with his latest film 'Whats Your Rashee', starring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. Though the hero's first film 'Love Story 2050'
didn't do well with the same heroine, since the new project is focused mainly on the director, the expectation will be more. Before watching the film, I didn't have any idea regrading the project, but I have heard a couple of songs which felt good.

The hero (Harman Baweja) lives in Chicago doing MBA; he has got some part-time job also. He is being called up by the parents who lives h
ere, in order to fix his marriage. As per the astrologer, his financial status will be raised once his marriage is over. At the same time the grandfather decides to give his wealth to his grandson. Thus his family decides to pay their debts with the money they gets on the marriage occasion, since the hero is not willing to accept the dowry.

Thus in short, 'Whats Your Rashee' is hero's search for his bride with in a very short time. Since the list is endless, finally he decided to see one girl from each Rashee (zodiac sign/lagna). With in such a period, he had seen those 12 girls. Among the list, he likes some of them and some of them likes his attitude also. There were positives and negatives as usual in these cases. All girls were having unique characteristics. Anyway in the end, his marriage happened and even though some tensions occurred on the financial side, that is also solved in climax.

Reading so far, you won't feel anything interesting. There lies the brilliance of the director on the casting side. Don't you feel something unusual, if all those 12 characters are done by the same artist. Yes it happened, Priyanka Chopra did all those different ladies that were ready to marry the hero right from the school girl role to the business tycoon. Thus the main attraction of the show is the excellent performan
ce by the former Miss World in a wide variety of roles. For at least three of those characters, her make up and the body language were distinguishing and appreciative. On the other side, three characters are having the same looks, which the director should have been done differently. Harman has also done his part well. Almost all the artists in the film did justice to their roles.

Once we are aware of the story and the fact that Priyanka is coming in all the roles, you will lose the thrill in the subject. The film is too lengthy; since we know the difficulty in showing all the female characters before the climax itself, we can't blame the director who has used the 3.25hrs length for telling the story. An average viewer might be confused in the climax regard
ing the bride, since all the roles were done by the same lady and appearance in the particular area is a non distinguishable one. It is a fact that in the second half, the film got lagged here and there. The majority of the characters had got songs, which decided the length factor. The visualization of the songs were not rich, but not bad.

Music director Sohail Sen had given some good numbers
. Piyush Shah's cinematography is colorful. The climax songs featuring the hero with all the opposite characters is visualized well. A different making in the humorous background out of an ordinary subject, the credit should go to Ashuthosh Gowariker. By this film, Priyanka Chopra might over take Kamalhassan's record for doing 10 roles in the film 'Dasavatharam'.

'Whats Your Rashee' has got a simple story; but the main attraction lies in its unique presentation where the lead actress holds the key.

Rating : 8 / 10

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