Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sharath Kumar, a prominent actor in the kollywood has done a wide variety of roles so far, both on-screen and off-screen. He was the Mr.Madras title holder for years in the later 8o’s. Then he entered the tamil cine field as a villain. After doing the baddie characters in many films, he got the break as a hero through the film ‘Sooryan’, in which he has done the bald appearance also. 10years before, he has entered politics, also served as Rajyasabha MP. Now he has formed his own political party. His wife, Radhika is a notable actress; she is the owner of Radaan Media Works with many big screen and small screen productions. Sharath Kumar has also directed a movie named ‘Thalaimakan’ recently, which doesn’t caught much attention. His previous films like ‘Vaitheeswaran’, ‘Namnaadu’ etc didn’t ran well. Now this 75+ films old star’s latest film ‘1977’ is produced by the actor himself.

‘1977’ is another double role project for Sharath Kumar. He has done the father-son role again. After the death of the father, his son reaches Malaysia, where the former once worked as a police officer. He searched for the actual culprits and the villains who were behind the mishap occurred in 1977, in which his father was caught as an accused. On the way, he found his mother (Jayasudha) which was disappeared in his childhood. In the second half the flash back role of the father’s role is carried away through most scenes. The truth is revealed in the end and the real villain is caught.

There is also the presence of Vivek, who comes as hero’s friend. He has nothing to do with the story line, but to create some situations which can cause laugh. Inability in understanding the Chinese language is the main situation handled here. Those scenes are not much impressive also. New heroine Farzana, who has done few films in telugu, gets in touch with the hero through some colliding scenes, which later turns into love. Such situations are usual only and we have witnessed it many times before. She has got some songs to expose her ultimate glamour. Namitha, who comes in the role of an advocate, got a good introduction in very minimum clothes as expected. She has also got a song with the hero. Sharath Kumar's body language, in his 50's is not flexible as before.

From the first few scenes itself, we get the taste and the standard of the film. The introduction scene of the hero along with the song is not striking. ‘1977’ has got a story which can be converted to a guaranteed hit, if all the ingredients necessary are added in neat proportions. The script writer - director Dinesh Kumar (not heard this name before, so probably his debut film) has failed here miserably, in converting such a story line to an action entertainer. The performance of the villains in two appearances is dramatic and immature only. The song situations are also weak. Vidyasagar has not given any memeorable songs here. Camera by Bhubathy and Editing by Antony is satisfactory.

The pre-release reports of ‘1977’ gave big hope and expectation, but the output ended in a failure.

Rating : 2 / 5

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