Friday, March 27, 2009


Starting with a comedy flick ‘Poochakkoru Mookkuthi’ in 1984, director Priyadarshan (part- time script writer also) had grown with the experience to attain a well known position in the Indian film industry. After doing many comedy films in the beginning, Priyan is notable through films like ‘Thalavatom’, ‘Chithram’, ‘Kilukkam’, ‘Kalapani’ etc. In the second half of 90’s, he reached bollywood through the film ‘Muskurahat’, remake of his own ‘Kilukkam’. The credit for making maximum remakes in hindi could probably go for him and he is now a days the most valuable directors in our country. Now the 60+ films old technician feels that it is time for him to do something different. With such an intention, he has written and directed ‘Kancheevaram’.

Kancheevaram is a place in TN situated near Chennai. The story of the film happens in the pre- independence period. The place is notable for cloth industry; the hero of the film (Prakash Raj) is a weaver. He lives with his wife (Shreya Reddy) and a daughter. Though these poor weavers make costly clothes using silk, they are paid only a very minimum amount by their landlords. They realize this only when a communist worker (P.Sreekumar) reached the village and made them aware of the fact. The hero has got the wish to present a silk saaree for his daughter on her marriage. In the middle of poverty and strike how the hero achieves his dream is where ‘Kancheevaram’ ends.

It was heard that the director was planning to cast Mohanlal in the lead role. Later when Prakash Raj heard the story, he agreed to do the role, free of cost. With the former didn’t have much artistic value in tamil, Priyadarshan who happened to be the producer also, was happy to give the role to one of the important actors in south india and he has come out with an excellent performance.

Cinematographer Thiru has shown his efficiency irrespective of the nature of the film. Some of the late evening visuals from hero’s hut are extra ordinary. Ediotor Arunkumar's work is also good. This is debut film for MG Sreekumar as music director; there is a lullaby song and without having much experience he had given the background music also. Anyway I can’t point out anything bad in his work.

The presentation of the film is very slow, as expected. It seems that the director wants to add his name along with the list of parallel stream of film personalities also. That is a good thought, it relies in the freedom of the creator only and he has succeeded in it…but some where I felt... “Was it deliberately created?!”

‘Kancheevaram’ is a different attempt by the director who goes behind remake subjects and slapstick comedies most of the time.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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