Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Siva Manassile Sakthi

Vikadan, the big name in the tamil media world is producing the film ‘Siva Manassile Sakthi’ under the banner of Vikadan Talkies. It is directed by M.Rajesh; hopefully a new name in the cine world. The hero of the film is Jeeva, heroine being debutant Anuya. Santhanam, Ilavarasan, Urvasi etc are the supporting artists. Yuvan Shankar Raja has also got an important role to play on the music side.

Hero and heroine meet during a railway journey from Kovai to Chennai. Both of them introduce themselves as a mi
litary officer and an airhostess respectively. When reached Chennai, both of them came to kn
ow that they had made fool of each other. Heroine being a radio jockey in an FM radio and hero is a courier boy. Their hatred gradually turns into love.

Hero’s character is fluctuating most of the time, sometimes he behaves rudely to the heroine as if she is his sole enemy, on some occasions she treat her as a dear lover. The scenes in which both of them trying to bully each other are shown lightly, but later for some silly things she tries to avoid him. Hero becomes a drunkard man. Later when her father tries to arrange a proposal for her, she came to the hero begging for his life. The hero takes advantage of the situation and tries to take revenge on her, later only we knew that it was not genuine. At this situation heroine once again escapes from him. Anyway after few blocks we are provided a happy ending.

‘Siva Manassile Sakthi’ goes smoothly till first half, it has got a weak and unarranged way of finishing. It looks like the film loses its good tempo as it goes on to the later portions. Usually heroine tries to avoid the hero most of the time, in the end as usual she claims that she loves him from the beginning. It is a cliché thing. Even after hating his character, sometimes she slept with hero’s family at night. Also we don’t know the logic in his indifferent behavior towards the heroine in the end. The reason told by the heroine to get separated is acceptable, but the reason shown in the climax for the reunion looks childish; thus the whole end portions will make you restless. The scenes in which hero breaks the cell phones of his friend one by one, the one in which he asks his friend to pay the wine shop bill etc creates laughing at that time, but on a second thought it is non sensible.

Jeeva has performed as far as he can. Anuya, the new heroine doesn’t show much emotion in her face, her performan
ce is satisfactory. Notable star Aarya, who has done the guest role in a scene, is charming. Santhanam (hero’s friend) and Ilavarasan (heroine’s brother) have created some laughing sequences. The innocence of the hero’s mother has been done exceptionally well by Urvasi.

Sakthi Saravanan’s camera work,especially in the train scenes in the beginning is good. Yuvan Shankar Raja has given some good fast numbers and bg score.

Watching ‘Siva Manassile Sakthi’ you won’t feel boring. But the creators should have been more conscious in neatly arranging the second half portions.

Rating : 2.5/ 5 (revised)

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