Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Abhiyum Naanum

Many of you might not know the fact that Prakash Raj, the most demanding actor in south India is also a producer. He has given films like ‘Dhaya’, ‘Azhagiya Theeye’, ‘Mozhi’, ‘Poi’, ‘Vellithira’ etc. under the banner Dute Movies (‘Duet’ being his debut tamil film)

Now the team behind ‘Mozhi’ works together again. Duet Radha Mohan has casted Prakash Raj, Thrisha, Aiswarya (Lakshmi’s daughter) and Prithwiraj (in a special appearance) in his new film ‘
Abhiyum Naanum’. From the title itself it is clear that it is a family subject deals with the father-daughter relationship. The father’s intimacy with the daughter is told in his viewpoint.

The story starts when Abhi (Thrisha) is born to Prakash Raj and
Aiswarya. Her father has got more concern for her than anyone. The different stages and the various incidents happened in the life of Abhi is shown by the director in an adorable way. She also selected her pair when she is grown up and this caused some worries on the father’s mind that had got some dreams about her daughter’s marriage. Though disliked this matter, he has to give green signal for Abhi’s decision. The tension happening to him on these days are presented in a lighter way here. There is even a dialogue in the film, which tells that, some times children will show right path for their parents.

We have to look into our neighboring state where movies like ‘Abhiyum Naanum’ are producing. A variety in each subject is evident there. The story here is not extra ordinary. But the neat and smooth pres
entation of this movie with the help of many humorous situations has to be appreciated. Choosing a hill station as the location for the particular subject is also appealing.

Camerawoman Preetha has given some excellent visuals. Vidyasagar’s songs and bg-score suit the mood well. Performance of Prakash Raj and Thrisha is excellent. The casting and characterization of new face as Thrisha’s lover itself is a different expereince.

‘Abhiyum Naanum’ is a nice family film. The story and its presentation is straight, no chance for any gimmicks.

Rating : 4 / 5

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