Sunday, March 29, 2009

TN 07 AL 47777

Don’t you feel that the name of the film looks like the registration number of a vehicle? Yes, it is the reg: number of taxi owned by one of the heroes (Pasupathi). The other hero of the film is Ajmal. Being a malayalee he has got ‘Pranayakalam’ as his debut film and then acted in ‘Madambi’, reached tamil through ‘Anjaathe’. No need to have such an introduction for Pasupathi. He is familiar through
films like ‘Virumandi’, ‘Kuselan’ etc. ‘TN 07 AL 47777’ is the remake of hindi hit film ‘Taxi No 9211’ acted by Nana Patekar and John Abraham. It was released almost 3 years before.

For those who have not seen the hindi verision, here is the plot. It starts when a rich man (Ajmal) enters the taxi (driven by a middle class man, Pasupathi) for a journey. In that moment you are shown what happened to these two persons till that moment through a flashback, with the voice-over of Jeeva (actor). The rich man wants to reach court immediately for settling an issue based on his wealth and belongings. He gave more cash to the driver demanding to go fast. On the journey an accident occurs and the passenger leaves from the scene. The driver was taken to the police custody. When Ajmal reached court, he came to know that the lost his locker key in the vehicle. He reaches driver’s house to collect it, met his wife (Simran) and told the happenings, she came to know the truth that his husband is a taxi driver and not an LIC agent as he told them. This caused a crack in their relationship. On the other side, rich man wants to get the will-document which is in the locker. The taxi driver is not ready to return his key. What happens to them in such a situation is told here through ‘TN 07 AL 47777’.

The story of two sections of people in the society is shown by the director Lakshmikanthan. While the rich man wants to clear the tensions happened due to money, the poor man wants to solve the problems in the family. The story is presented almost identical to the original version. Since I have seen both, I will say that the current one is not up to the mark. Pasupathy has done the role in his usual style. Ajmal is quiet; he should have been more expressive. Simran, in the wife’s role is good but doesn’t have much to perform.

Music director Vijay Antony has done the re-recording well. He has also sung another notable number after “Naakku Mukku…” in the form of “Aathichoodi…”song. It is neatly choreographed and performed by Shobi.

If you have seen ‘Taxi No 9211’, then no need to waste time for ‘TN 07 AL 47777’; if not… you can enjoy this ride.

Rating : 3 / 5

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