Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded

Only few directors in Malayalam like Blessy and Anwar Rasheed has got the golden opportunity to cast Mammootty in their first film and Mohanlal in their very next venture. This time it is Amal Neerad’s turn; he had created ‘Big B’ with Mamootty. The camera, editing and the background music areas of the particular film has altogether created a different experience.

‘Irupathaam Noottaandu’ directed by K.Madhu, scripted by SN Swami and produced by M.Mani was an important film in achieving the stardom in Mohanlal’s career. The film released in the later areas of 80’s had got Suresh Gopi also, playing the villain role. Now Amal Neerad has planned to take the main character Sagar from that film and made a new subject as ‘Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded’. The script writer is retained and the new producer is Antony Perumbavoor under Ashirwad Cinemas banner.

After watching ‘Big B’, one can easily identify the potential and style of the creator. It is very clear that he doesn’t believe in the conventional way of story telling. So before watching the new Mohanlal film also, I had an expectation that these all are going to happen in the story in this way only. Anyway the outcome was almost similar to my thoughts.

The underworld don Sagar alias Jacky has got roots in India and the middle east. Sometimes he travels in chartered flights; on some occasions through sea and while on roads he will take the most costly vehicles ranging from Prado to Hummer (thus the credit for showing the costliest Hummer on Kerala roads goes to Amal Neerad and Mohanlal).

The story starts when Jacky saves his friend (Manoj K Jayan) from a kidnap incident. It causes the enmity of two gangs. Some of the incidents which happen later created a rivalry between them. The villain group started destroying those members who are attached to Jacky. This causes the hero to take revenge and he takes weapons, in the end total disaster. From the beginning hero and the villains are shown, villains attacking the hero at occasions, in the end hero wins the battle. This is the story in one line.

As usual Amal Neerad did the superiority in direction; his camera work is also good. Editor Vivek Harshan has got some neat cuts. Gopi Sundar’s fine background score adds the violent flavor.

The signature of SN Swamy is evident in only few occassions like the introduction scene of the hero, scenes in which Jagathi's character telling telugu dialogues and the journalist heroine (Bhavana) identifying the hero when latter tells his name; those scenes are taken from the old movie. Some of the incidents like the journalist’s car getting accident lack stability. The performance of the hero (in slow motion he looks frightened) in front of the Commissioner holding dog in one hand looks amateur. One can’t tolerate the nature in which the young journalist started loving the middle aged don.

In whole, the film has got Mohanlal’s heroism projected in different style. When Suman, Rahul Bose and Sambath ('Chennai 600028' fame) got placed in the villain side, you can call this as a very big project. I had got few negative comments for promoting Mohanlal’s previous action venture ‘Red Chillies’, what to do successive film for the hero has also more heroism (only) to show…

(there is a biline in the posters of the film saying "Any Questions"......the reply from the viewers will be like this, "there are many... but we are not asking!!!")

‘Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded’ is Mohanlal’s heroism shown in Amal Neerad’s style. Don’t expect big logic, story sense or family sentiments here. If you really desperate to see this, then don't hear for anyone else, just watch and come.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


Anonymous said...

super film.....

everybody should watch and try to became ahit film

plz support everybody who like our lal

Anonymous said...

Hii prasanth...

You should give minimam 3/5 for this movie.

because this is the movie we can watch with out any boar..

FilmLover said...

The most boring film from mohanlal. We think mohanlal is great actor. don't try films like this.