Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This sweet name has been used in almost all the languages as the name of films. The first time, I heard this was in tamil for a film acted by Prasanth. Later it was in hindi for a multi starrer film lead by Anil Kapoor. Then, a Prithviraj starrer in malayalam came with the same name. Now the english film from Thailand has also been released with the same name.

Jeeja Yanin, a girl in her teen age has done the central character in ‘Chocolate’. This is the story of a lady who got in love with a key member of the under world gang. When some resistance came from the team leader, she left the place and got settled in her native place. Later she gave birth to a baby girl, who showed some extra powers in her childhood. Her sense of hearing was exceptional compared to others. She has also practiced martial arts right from her childhood.

The girl grew up,later her mother became ill. As they need money for the treatment, a relative took her to the debtors. They started collecting money by using her physical strength. Her aggressive attitude in using whatever she knew in martial arts helped them. Soon, the villain gang leader reached there. The reunion of the girl and her father happens after the climax fight.

Names like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and Tony Jaa has always been familiar to us. Their films have got a good response here, since we can witness the ultimate possibilities for action sequences in it. Martial arts like Karate and Kung Foo etc form the main ingredients there. In ‘Chocolate’ also the theme helps the creators to arrange maximum situations related to this.

The heroine here has got much to perform using her hands and legs for fighting. The action scenes were done using ropes and wires and the computer graphics has also done neatly. The hard work done by the actors, with the help of director and action choreographer while shooting this film has been exposed along with the end credits.

Those who love watching action films packed with martial arts can try ‘Chocolate’ also.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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