Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last week, we discussed the comment by a friend when I planned to watch a film acted by Sundar.C, so now this time I didn’t tell anybody about my plan to watch another one named ‘Thee’ by the same actor. This time the pair was almost same, Namitha once again works with the star. Another girl, Ragini is the second heroine. My experience with ‘Perumaal’ was not so good, but two factors gave me an extra interest to go for this movie. This film is the remake of a telugu hit film, ‘Operation Duryodhana’ acted by Sreekanth (telugu actor) and moreover the film is distributed by the notable banner Sun Pictures.

The hero (Sundar.C) has got two phases in his life. In the first area, he is the sincere police officer who leads a good family life with his wife and two kids. He serves for the betterment of the society and tried his best to give justice for the poor. In the meanwhile, he came across the villain polictian (Sayaji Shinde) and his firend (Ponnambalam). Their enmity leads to the quarrelling between the two groups and his whole family is being destroyed by the gang and he is also killed.

From there, the second stage of the hero’s life happens. He took a different appearance and reached the same politicians by showing loyalty and supporting his enemies. They were unable to identify him in the bald and beard appearance. With in the political circle, he started doing the bad things and fortunately behaves like a criminal. When people question him, he asked them the reason for selecting a bad guy like him through elections. He also warns those people who are not casting their freedom to vote. Anyway in the end there happen the fight between the bad politician (hero) and a real police officer (Manoj K Jayan). It causes the police to be desperate and thus they started strike. So the criminals started leading a free life and this cause a break in the tidy life of the society. Thus the people and the politicians came to know about the value of police and in the end the villains are destroyed, hero returns to his old job.

‘Thee’ has got a good story that is necessary for a commercial hit. But here the hero Sundar.C is not a minimum guarantee actor and also heroine like Namitha which is placed to show extra glamour (one of her scenes suits well for an Adults only movie) can destroy any reasitic film. The film directed by Kitcha contains some excellent dialogues, which forms the backbone. Music is by Sreekanth Deva

‘Thee’ has got a good subject, but here it is shown as a masala film for the front benchers.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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