Monday, July 27, 2009

Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Rajasenan, Sithara, Rahman, Jagathi, Sindu Menon
Direction : Rajasenan
Music : M Jayachandran

Tamil film industry has been practicing the custom of directors becoming heroes since last 15-20years. Some of the examples are Manivannan (creator of ‘Amaithippadai’, ‘Kathal Oyvathillai’ etc), Cheran (creator of ‘Autograph’, ‘Porkkaalam’ etc) and Raj Kapoor (creator of ‘Vallal’, Uthamarasa’ etc). Now, Ameer (creator of ‘Paruthiveeran’, ‘Raam’ etc) and Mishkin (creator of ‘Anjathey’, ‘Nandalala etc) also started joining the list. Most of them have got success in it and they enjoy their acting experience to a certain extend. Now in malayalam, director Rajasenan himself is the hero in his new project. His career record in the last 10 years is very poor and horrible. He has given flop films like ‘Swapnam Kondoru Thulabhaaram’ (Sureshgopi, Kunjakko Boban), ‘Nakshatrakkannulla Rajakumaran… ‘( Prithviraj), ‘Immini Nalloral’ (Jayrasurya), ‘Kanaka Simhasanam’, ‘Madhuchandralekha’ (both by Jayaram) and ‘Romeo’ (by Dileep) in the past. The bitter experiences he got from those films even after trying the popular artists might have given him the boldness to do the central character in ‘Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu’. Sithara, who got a comeback through ‘Vellathooval’, plays the wife’s character. They have got two daughters and a son. In such a sense only, the name of the film is appropriate.

Chandhu (Rajasenan) is a post master. His love marriage with Liza (Sithara), from another caste, is not accepted by his father (Sivaji Guruvayoor). He is now living with his wife and kids separately, leaving his mother (Sumithra), brother (Rahman) and his wife (Sindhu Menon). Financial problems happening in an average middle class family happens here also. Hero meets his old friend (Mukesh), with his help he reached Dubai. After few months, the news regarding his death in abroad reaches here. His father and brother tried their best to hide the news from his family for few days. Hero’s family members now reached his house for the first time. Anyway, Liza and her kids get the care from her husband’s family only after his absence.

Though he has not done very big mistakes, it is very difficult to watch Rajasenan doing the hero’s role, which covers the maximum scenes in the film. His inexperience in front of the camera is evident in many areas. The scene in which he is shown afraid of his father and he acts closing his eyes is an intolerable one. The humor scenes in the office (featuring Jagathi, Indrans and Krishna) are not up to the mark. We also don’t know the necessity of so much money for the hero. The scenes inside the family in which each and every discussions concluding with the arrival of three kids (two daughters and a son) together is repetitive and more over it is too dramatic. The way in which the hero cracking jokes and scoring infront of his kids and brother through phone doesn't felt realistic. Kalpana has got a song to perform, in other areas she has no job to do. The song in the later portion where the wife and kids behaving happily, unaware of the hero’s death is a clear replica of the film ‘Bharatham’. The senior actor in the group, Jagathi’s reaction there is below average only. The flash back scenes shown through the expression of hero’s father’s face is a good method, but the genuineness in it is not cent percent. The hero’s character gets sympathy due to such an end created later.

Sithara is good in the wife's role. Rahman has also got a role which needs to show some sentimental expressions also. Sivaji Guruvayur (‘Arabikkadha’ fame) has got a lengthy role and has done well. Saloo George is the cinematographer. Music director M Jayachandran had given a catchy number, “Chingaarakkanna…” There is nothing special in the theme. Directors like Thulasidas, Mecartin and Shafi, who all have assisted Rajasenan once, were there behind the camera to help him. People in these days, won’t accept a story which has got the style of a film released 20 years before. Since Rajasenan is determined to take risk, it is better that he should have casted somebody else appropriate for the main role and concentrated more on the script side.

‘Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu’ is a family film in which the director himself has shown the guts to act in the main role. No need for the viewers to take such a guts to watch it, since it is not so precious.

Rating : 5 / 10

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