Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New York

Medium : Hindi
Starring : John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nithin Mukesh, Irfan Khan
Direction : Kabir Khan
Music : Pritam, Julius Packiam

“A critic may not be right always…” This is what I have written in my profile here. It is applicable to all, including me. There is a particular reason for me to quote this now. I happened to go through a review last week on the new hindi film, ‘New York’. It was such a bad criticism on the film, which provoked me to take a back foot. I shouldn’t have done that, anyway once I came to know that the film is produced by Yash Chopra, I took the decision to watch it.

The story happens in New York. Omar (Neil Nithin Mukesh) is taken into custody by the FBI on an enquiry regarding the 9/11 incident. They want details about his old friend Sam (John Abraham), who left him years ago. The police freed him by putting a condition, he have to collect all the details regarding his friend who is a terrorist now. Omar came to know that Sam is married to Maya (Katrina Kaif), who was their classmate. They got a child now. He stayed with the family and as per instruction from the police he started the double game. He came to know what happened to Sam these days. Once he found that the assumption of the police is wrong, he is in a dilemma. What happens to him and the family is shown in the climax.

'New York' deals with the after effects of the 9/11 incident. In connection to that, both culprits and innocent people were detained by the police as a part of enquiry. They have to suffer a lot in the police custody. What we have heard that normally people belong to a certain community was suffered the most. But here they tell that anyone who lived in US at that time has been tortured by the police as a part of investigation. What happens if such a situation arrives to a common man is what the plot tells.

The film's presentation is the key. Shot fully in US, it has got the looks of a Hollywood film. All the artists have performed well; especially Irafan Khan in the role of FBI officer comes in his usual style. John and Katrina holding the central characters are also good. Neil, the third generation in the legendary singer Mukesh's family has improved a lot since his debut.

Cinematography by Azeem Mishra is rich. Background score by Julius Packiam matching the scenes well. Songs by Pritam is not up to the mark. Anyway the director Kabir Khan (‘Kabul Express’ fame) has created the subject seriously, which has got a global importance these days.

'New York' doesn't have big commercial elements like dance, songs and action as usual hindi films do. But it is a serious attempt from the Bollywood which should not be cornered.

Rating : 7.5 /10

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