Friday, July 10, 2009

Ee Pattanathil Bhootham

Starring:Mammootty, Kavya Madhavan, Suraaj Venjarammood, Salim Kumar, Innocent
Music:Shan Rahman, Rajamani

In the 80’s, films like ‘My Dear Kuttichathan 3D’ and ‘Mr India’ (Anil Kapoor starrer hindi film) were notable due to the uniqueness in theme. ‘Saakshaal Sreemaan Chathunni’, which released in the early 90’s, carried almost an identical story line. All these films have got a fantasy theme. The lead roles have got super human powers which belongs to some other world. Here, they are accompanied by a group of children and the hero in the form of “Kutichathan”, “Bhootham” etc whatever it is, helps them by using the extraordinary power to become invisible. He saves them from the baddies and when they thinks about him, he will appear in front of them to grant their wishes. At the same time, a negative character that does the witchcraft proceedings (manthravadham) to catch the hero will also be there. This is the formula which is common and has been practiced in any of the films which follows this kind of theme irrespective of the language.

Mammootty has done double role in his new film, ‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’ which has got the similar theme. After films like ‘Thambu’, ‘Mela’, ‘Valarthumrigangal’, ‘Joker’, ‘Kusruthi’ etc, this is yet another film based on the life inside a circus tent. Different from those, here they have discussed a murder issue also. Jimmy is a bike jumper in the circus (Mammootty’s role here is similar to that of ‘Mela’ which released 28 years before). He is being trapped by the villains as the primary accused in killing the owner (Janardhanan) of the circus. When he is in the jail, “Bhootham” comes out of the bottle. He takes the appearance of Jimmy. Once he comes out of the jail, both of them helps the heroine (Kavya Madhavan), to find the real culprits behind his father’s murder. Mahadevan (‘Pithamahan’, ‘Natturajavu’ fame) is the person who chases the “Bhootham” and make him slave, with the help of a magic stick.

Though he is not too flexible, Mammootty likes to do comedy roles more these days. We can’t argue; the success of ‘Rajamanikyam’, ‘Thuruppugulan’, ‘Mayavi’, ‘Annan Thambi’ etc will be the reply from the hero's side. The two characters have got a contrasting attitude. “Bhootham” have got more actions to do. He appears and disappears with in a fraction, he is over expressive and the voice is partially feminine also, thus it is not pleasing. As usual, Suraaj Venjarammood is the body guard for the bike jumper hero. He cracks jokes in his usual style (It is good that no extra dialogues without lip movements has been added while dubbing). Salim Kumar comes in the role of a foolish police inspector.

Mammootty, Uday Krishna –Sibi K Thomas (script writers) and Johny Antony (director) have worked together in ‘Thuruppugulan’ before. Here the writers have got the liberty to go to the extreme end, due to the peculiarity in the subject. Since they deals with the fantasy theme, their creativity is non questionable. The film which targeted the children audience has got a late release by 2 months. The team behind, has got the delay in graphics works as the reason for this. EFX has done the job; no need to compare it with any of the non malayalam movies, though there are many problems, the end result is not too bad. Two songs featuring the hero and the children have been visualized with in the limits of the hero. Utpal V Nayanar has done the cinematography. Rajamani, as usual given noisy background score, the theme music should have been done well. This is first film for Shaan Rehman (‘Coffe @ MGRoad’ fame). His songs are average only; waiting for his next project to arrive. After the hatric flops, the film is a relief for the hero.

‘Ee Pattanathil Bhootham’ is watchable under certain conditions. You should have free mind, you should have interest in fantasy subjects, you should show the decency not to question the logic and also you should have the sportsman spirit to watch the lighter performance of the megastar who did as many serious roles in his career.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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another flop in the carriar of mamootty...hi hi hi