Sunday, July 19, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Jai, Priya Anand, Lakshmi Rai, Rahman
Director : Ahmed

Music : Yuvanshankar Raja

Though Jai acted in films like ‘Bhagavathi’ and ‘Chennai 600028’, he is being popular through the supporting role in the super hit film ‘Subramaniapuram’. So, when the film ‘Vamanan’ is launched with Jai as the hero, the expectations are high. The film is directed by new comer Ahmed.

Hero (Jai) reaches Chennai on a wish to become a film star.In the meanwhile, a well-liked politician (Delhi Ganesh) is being murdered. His companion (Sampath) is the culprit. The evidence is recorded in a camera. It passes through the hands of an ad model (Lakshmi Rai), the heroine (Priya Anand) and in the end it reaches the hero.

As per his friend’s advice, hero observes peculiar characters and started imitating their behaviors which can be helpful for his acting career. Thus he finds a person (Rahman) who trespasses to other’s belongings; his different but gentle attitude is liked by the hero and started accompanying him in his proceedings. The villain gangs try to capture the tape. In the game, a corrupted police officer (Thalaivasal Vijay) handles the case. An affair is also going on between the hero and the heroine. When he is being listed as the suspect by the police, she runs away. In the end, the hero is freed, some are caught and some shot dead…

‘Vamanan’ is inspired from the Hollywood films like ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘Following’. The new writer-director has tried his best to make it in a kollywood format. Since such a format is not new to us, it will be unaccepted. The director’s choice in selecting the artists for the lead roles proved to be a bad decision. Both their performances are not up to the mark and their chemistry has not worked out well. Priya is not pleasing; her looks and style had a lazy effect. Jai’s attitude needs maturity. He is also not confident and flexible in song scenes. His body language sometimes feels a Vijay style, which is a disadvantage for him. Urvasi, as the heroine’s mother is energetic and good. Lakshmi Rai is casted only to show glamour in few shots. Santhanam in the friend’s character, felt repetitive in nature.

You have got some songs in the middle also. “Etho Seikiraai…” by Yuvanshankar Raja is a memorable one. His background score gives the tempo. Camerawork by Aravind Krishna is colorful.

There is nothing special in ‘Vamanan’, which is supposed to be an action subject. With such a cliché in the story line, you can’t have more.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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