Sunday, July 19, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Jeeva, Anbu, Vimal, Vega
Director : Pandiaraj, Producer : Director Sasikumar

Music : James Vasanth

Sasikumar, the actor-director-producer who is notable through the super hit ‘Subramaniapuram’ has come up with the second project. This time, he is not taking too much roles, he is neither acting nor directing, he is the producer of the film. Like the previous project, many artists and technicians have been introduced through this project also. Director Pandiaraj is one among them. James Vasanth has been retained has the music director.

We can’t expect a malayalam film in which almost all the actors are new comers. The title ‘Pasanga’ means children; the story of the film is based on young students in their school days. Usually, we are not ready to accept a film acted mainly by child artists without having a big star cast to support. Among them 1 or 2 characters were only familiar to me, but they are also not popular. All the other characters are relatively new. After the super success of ‘Subramaniapuram’, it is good to see that the wealthy producer has shown the boldness to produce a village based commercial film with many young faces.

The story starts when Anbu (good student) reaches the village school for his studies. His pleasing behavior and the studious attitude is not liked by Jeeva (notorious student) and his gang. When they get time, they fights each other through words and even physically also. Jeeva’s father is their class teacher; but he has not given any additional preference to his son. Jeeva and Anbu have got their houses opposite to each other. Former one has got an elder sister (play school teacher) and the latter one’s elder brother (LIC agent) is in love with her. The enmity between the students carried to the family members also at one stage.

In between all the hurdles how the children spend their life is shown through different stages by the new writer-director Pandiaraj excellently. He has presented the film interestingly. All the artists have performed well, especially the child artists. The introduction of Anbu, as if like a hero, also felt different. The love affair shown in the back ground of Ilayaraja ringtones is good. The incidents happening in a class room, family etc are shown in a realistic way. Though the climax is little cinematic, this media gives such a liberty to the creator who has provided the justification for the same thing in the beginning.

Sasikumar has once again guided us that good stories happen from the real life only. The technical side of the film is also rich. Cinematography by Premkumar, Editing by Yogabhaskar, Art work by Crawford etc are some among them. Re-recording by James Vasanth is also rich; he has given a memorable number, ‘Oru Vekkam Varithe…”

‘Pasanga’ gives us the nostalgic experience of our childhood days. Only thing is that you should have a good spirit to accept it.

Rating : 9 / 10

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