Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rahasya Police

Medium : Malayalam
Staring : Jayaram, Jagathi, Aayilya, Samvritha, Sindhu Menon
Direction : K Madhu, Script : SN Swamy
Music : Rajamani

There are many factors which can influence or attract an average viewer in watching a movie. Among them, the name (title) of the movie is an important one. In that case, ‘Rahasya Police’, failed in the primary assessment itself. Maybe such a name can be relevant when we go through the story line in detail, but the fact is that many people still believes that ‘Rahasya Police’ is a new tamil film acted by Jayaram.

Investigative script writer SN Swamy, has not got big success in his previous projects like ‘Sagar Alias Jacky’ and ‘Positive’. Though the second one was a good film, lack of promotion badly affected the movie. K Madhu, also need a big hit after his previous ventures like ‘Nadiya Kollappetta Raathri’ and ‘Pathaka’. Now both of them joined hands, since they have got a good rapport between them. They gave four series of ‘CBI Diary Kuruppu’ films, ‘Irupatham Noottandu’, ‘Moonnam Mura’ etc. Jayaram is acting under K Madhu after a gap of 19years. Their previous film, ‘Randam Varavu’ didn’t do well. Since the family film ‘Bhagyadevatha’ also did well after ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’, the director wants to try his luck with him. ‘Rahasya Police’ is a family based murder investigation subject told in the village background.

The film opens as usual; where you can see where the enmity between two groups(lead by Jagthi and Ganesan) in the village, the confusion happens due to the thief (Riyaz Khan) who runs from the police custody and the friendship of four girls (Samvritha, Aayilya, Mangala etc) are there. One of the girls is being killed. SI of police (Jayaram) is in charge of the investigation; his sister also belongs to the same friend’s gang. In the middle, a rowdy (Jayaram’s double role) reaches there with his assistants (Sudheesh and Suraj Venjarammood). There developed a quarrelling between the police and the criminal. Later, it is understood that the arrival of Jayaram’s negative character has got some motive. Anyway in the end the actual culprit is caught, keeping a breathtaking conclusion to the suspense.

Though the story of ‘Rahasya Police’ in one line is good and it has got a good suspense also, the ordinary treatment of the film has made a negative impact. The director still thinks that he is in the 80’s or 90’s. The film made in low budget where the maximum shots are shown inside a police station (a set designed on the river bank) and few houses in the village is an issue in such a case. The badminton played by the girls is shown to register their friendship, that style is apt for the black and white period only and these days audience doesn’t want to see such things. The police and the thief (Jayaram & Riyaz Khan) fighting each other on the each time of their meeting is repetitive and intolerable (action scenes done by Mafia Sasi is below average). The way in which the thief renders his experience is dramatic. The relevance of double role done by Jayaram will be an unattended question. (We all know how far police uniform roles suits for Jayaram!!!). What is the use of casting Harisree Asokan in his beard appearance for the police constable’s role? The way in which Sudheesh cracking jokes is another area of over acting. Rajamani’s background score is as usual noisy and also it is not up to the mark. Venugopal’s cinematography is ordinary only. Siyad Koker, the producer should have think twice before on the main casting and also the background where the story happens. Anyway, the double role combination scenes are done without much mistakes.

If you had the broad mindedness to watch and accept all such negative things in the investigative film ‘Rahasya Police’, then a good climax is guaranteed, where the suspense is revealed.

Rating : 6 / 10

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