Monday, July 6, 2009


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Nakulan, Sunaina, Santhaanam, Karunaas
Direction : RNR Manohar
Music : D Imman

Promotional and publicity programs or songs in the mini screen enhances the popularity of a film irrespective of the language. We have seen many examples for this. On the other hand, a good film may not do well if it is not promoted in the way it needed. When the producers/distributors of a film own a TV channel also, then in such a case the promotional works will be up to the ultimate extend. The reason why I told this since the big banner Sun Pictures has entered the film field by distributing films like ‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’, ‘Thenavattu’, ‘Dindukkal Sarathi’, ‘Padikkathavan’, ‘Ayan’ and now ‘Maasilamani’. As they have got many channels, they will play the trailers and songs from the particular movie, ‘n’ number of times, which will boost up the running status of the films.

‘Maasilamani’ has got Nakulan and Sunaina in lead roles who acted in ‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’ before. That film was popular due to the difference in the story side and it has got a hit number in the form of “Nakku Mukku…” also. This is a love story in which the hero (Maasi) is an orphan. He finds the heroine on the way and started loving her. He always wished to do good for the society by helping the poor and in secured people. Sometimes he has to fight against the villains also. Divya (Sunaina) is a dance teacher; she was a witness of such actions from the hero and pretends him as a negative personality. Though she was mistaken, he didn’t get a chance to correct her.

By changing the name as Mani, he got in touch with her family members and acquired a clean certificate. When Divya tried to unfold the truth, he tells her that she was mistaken and no need to put some other’s blame on him. She is confused; he also arranged his friends and well wishers to call him by Mani not Maasi. By this time, a family friend of the heroine, who is a corrupted SI of police (Pawan), arrives in the scene. He tried to impress the girl. He went into an open fight with the hero. Anyway in the end, heroine succeeded in identifying the real love.

This story line has been told many times before. The double role game and the misunderstanding issue have got some best examples. Some of them are ‘Thullatha Manavum Thullum’, ‘Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar’, ‘Shahensha’, ‘Rab ne Bana di Jodi’ etc. The comedy elements in the film are not up to the mark. The way in which MS Bhaskar comes as a Rajnikanth fan is good, but sometimes it also exceeds the limit.

Music director D Imman has given some peppy numbers. It has got the mix of romantic duets and fast songs. Cameraman Vetri has also done a good job. Though Nakulan (brother of Devayani), is good in songs and dance scenes, he has to improve a lot in the acting area. Sunaina is also good, but in some rare angles she got a small awkward look. The film as a whole was not boring for me.

‘Maasilamani’ is an old wine in the new bottle. If you are too desperate in watching a tamil movie, then you can proceed.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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