Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen

Medium : English
Starring : Shia Labeouf, Megan Foz
Director : Maichael Bay,
Executive Producer : Steven Speilberg

The title of a film is one of the primary factors on the viewer’s side to decide whether to watch it or not. The poster and promotional stills helps him in taking such a decision. The recent English film’s posters which released last week gave the message that it is an action film. The title was written ‘Revenge of the Fallen’, which didn’t create a curiosity. Later, when a friend of mine told that the new series of ‘Transformers’ is released, I have gone through the same posters once again. On a close look, I have seen written in very small letters, ‘Transformers’ that too under the title ‘Revenge of the Fallen’. The distributors should have taken seriously such a thing by giving the popular title in bold letters. Since people like me would go for everything coming in front of me, it is not a problem.

It is almost two years before that the previous version of ‘Transformers’ got released. It was my first review on English films, since I started the blog. The new film has also got Steffen Spielberg as the executive producer under the banner Dreamworks. The new version which is also directed by Michael Bay has also got the same story line, “men v/s machines”, that too in a booster dose. Here the specialty is that they had given a sub category also, “good machines v/s bad machines”.

Those who know that ‘Transformers’ is a well known video game can watch the film. The reason is that this is one such film which has got computer graphics and visual effects in its extreme. Recently only we have seen the theme that men fighting with the machines in the ‘Terminator Salvation’ film. These days the technicians in Hollywood love to make the unreal characters perform. They think that the creativity will be more if they place robots and machines in place of real artists.

The first scene happens in the 17,000BC where the machines targeting the humans. Then it cuts to the current date when the same thing happens in China. Then the US is being targeted. Army attacks the destroyers. Some similar machines are there with the army to help them. The hero has got the machine part which gives power to the transformers. With the help of his lover and the friend, he went to help the nation from the biggest attack they ever faced. They had got two cars, which has got the power to become machines at any time. They reach Egypt in search of the cause and the army also reaches there to set an end to this dirty game by the bad transformers.

The usual terms we go through while watching such a type of Hollywood film, is shown here also. Some of them are Pentagon, FBI, CIA, Naza, Army Base, Nest etc. We have seen many such scenes in many films before. Still the equation of unbelievable story line with the realistic scenes continues. What to do, they are justifying it by showing them in a relevant way and are succeeded in giving no time for a rethinking. Sometimes we felt it as an animated film in which some real characters are in cultivated. The visual effects sequences which covers the majority of the portions of the film are excellent; but, while doing the hard working, it looks like that the creators were not aware of the length of the film. The story area has also been affected due to this. It jumps from one area to another, thus creating restlessness (To be get bored watching such a product is an embarrassment).

Those who are mad of video games and Hollywood films can watch ‘Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen’.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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